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Photon Eraser

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GUARDIANS equipment to neutralize fire-type SEED contamination. No effect on creatures.

Item details

  • Photon Erasers were obtained automatically when you began an Operation Firebreak mission, as long as your inventory was not full.
  • Photon Erasers were alternately obtained in the rare map for Winter Event, before the event concluded.
  • The Photon Eraser was taken away upon completion of those missions; however, if you quit the game without clearing the mission, or abandoned the mission, you would retain the Photon Eraser.
  • Photon Erasers cannot be dropped, sold in player shops or traded to other players. They cannot be transferred via common box. Players can get rid of them in the Photon Eraser Return mission available from the GUARDIANS Colony 5th Floor under the Old Event Missions category.
  • Photon Erasers are special tools developed to neutralize fire-type SEED contamination. When selected from the item palette, they take up your currently wielded weapon. Hold down the attack button to fire a continuous bolt of energy. Firing a Photon Eraser drains a meter which regenerates over time. Photon Erasers have no effect on creatures.
  • Photon Erasers are used to purify the SEED-Zomas found hidden near SEED cores. Players have to use their Goggles to locate each SEED-Zoma, and then use Photon Erasers to purify them. SEED-Zomas come in two sizes; small pods take one player to purify, while large pods have to be purified by at least three players at once. (Having more players purify the same pod speeds up purification.) Once all the pods are purified, the SEED core's defenses are nullified, and it can be destroyed in three hits by regular weapon attacks.
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