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Playing on the Japanese Server

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ドーホホッ! This article is a guide and may contain opinions or other subjective information. The PSUPedia is not responsible for any inaccuracies or mistakes.

This article is intended for the japanese players audience. It is meant to be used as a handbook when playing on the japanese server and includes many useful information to make use of all the features of the japanese game.



The following menus have been translated:

For item, chat and mail translations you can use the PSUJPTranslator.

Universe List

N. Description Comments
01 Recommended for beginners For low levels.
02 Recommended for conditional missions For the GUARDIANS advanced missions.
03 Recommended for conditional missions For the GUARDIANS advanced missions.
04 Recommended for conditional missions For the GUARDIANS advanced missions.
05 Recommended for events and GBR
06 Recommended for events and GBR
07 Recommended for events and GBR
08 Recommended for Colony missions
09 Recommended for Parum missions
10 Recommended for Neudaiz missions
11 Recommended for Moatoob missions
12 Recommended for the casino
13 Recommended for GC missions For the GUARDIANS Cash missions.
14 Community
15 Community
16 Community

Using shops

Item names

You are going to need to know the japanese names of items! Various resources are available for searching an item, including the japanese wiki and amesani. It is especially handy for items that are written in kanji or that have different names than their US counterparts (e.g. De Ragan Slayer reads De Ragan Slay in japanese).


You can search for weapons and line shields by element. On the US servers you do this by typing something like "light saber", which will return light sabers only. Its the same for the japanese server, only you will need to use the japanese words for the elements. Here are the kanji for the elements and how to type them in IME:

Ele. Kanji Typing
Fire type honoo, press space once
Ice type koori, press space once
Lightning type kaminari, press space once
Ground type tsuchi, press space once
Light type hikari, press space once
Dark type yami, press space once
Neutral type mu, press space once

Synthesis boards

To search for synthesis boards of a specific item, you need to type kiban, which is japanese for circuit board, then press space, followed by a slash and the name of the item. This gives us for example:

[B] Ank Buti

Grinder bases

The kanji part of grinder bases is kizai. To search for Grinder Base S you need to type gurainda-kizaiS. You may have to select the correct kanji in the list.

Grinder Base S


You can retrieve a new coin every day at midnight GMT (9am JST).

Chat commands

Changing line shields

To change lineshields, use the /sl command into the chat box.

For example you could switch to dark and then to fire with those two commands:

/sl dark
/sl fire

If you have multiple line shields of the same element, you can append the number of the shield to the element name. Line shields are sorted by rarity.

For example, to use your first fire line shield, type this:

/sl fire

Then if you need your second fire line shield, you can type this:

/sl fire2

Changing Online Status

To change your online status without having to go through the menus, type /os followed by the text you wish to display as your new status. For example:

/os Afk!

Changing Name Display

This mimics the function of the alt button for PC users, it will display your name above your head. To use it, type /name.

You can follow /name with a letter to alter the behavior of the command, alike so:

/name o will display nothing 
/name n will display just the character's name
/name l will display the character's name and level
/name a, /name i or /name p will display the character's partner card number
/name t or /name j will display the character's type and level

The letter is not case sensitive, /name L will do the same thing as /name l.

Japanese resources

The following resources are available when manual translation is needed.

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