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Protectors' Choice

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Dengeki Mission Carnival This article pertains to a mission which was available only on the Japanese PC/PS2 servers during the Dengeki Mission Carnival.

(Protectors' Choice)
G mission logo.png
Start lobby Clyez City: 3rd Floor
Start counter Event Area
End lobby Clyez City: 3rd Floor
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Mission type Event mission

(This special mission is the collaborative effort of Gurhal Channel 5 and Holupe Dence. Our battle of the brains will put the best Guardians to the test!)

Mission details

  • This mission was exclusive to the Japanese PC/PS2 servers during the Dengeki Mission Carnival. At present, it seems that this mission will not be localized for the Winter Mission Carnival.
  • In this mission, players were presented with a series of ten multiple choice questions. Each question had a 30 second time limit in which the participants had to move to a square on the field designated by the letter of the correct answer. If all ten questions were answered (i.e., everyone selected an answer before the time limit had expired), a set of boxes would appear at the end of the mission. The number of boxes that appeared was twice the number of people in the party, thus giving a maximum of 12 boxes to a full party of six.
  • This mission required 480 Event Tickets to play. This cost was split among all party members, however, meaning that each member of a full party of six would have been required to pay only 80 Event Tickets.
  • After the event, (Holy Ray/D) was given to all players that managed to obtain a perfect score.

Item drops

Reward boxes
Clear box Copernia, Goldania, Morbinia, Titania
Olpad, Rubinad, Tormad, Citrad, Diad
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