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Ragol Memorial Festa

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This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature which is exclusive to the Japanese PC version of Phantasy Star Universe.

Ragol Memorial Festa

The Ragol Memorial Festa is a special event being held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online. The event is scheduled to run on the Japanese PC/PS2 servers from December 21, 2010, through January 27, 2011.


Event overview

The missions available during the Ragol Memorial Festa were all designed to evoke memories of Phantasy Star Online by utilizing familiar settings and scenarios from the same title. Each event mission features boosted item drop rates and reduced enemy HP, however EXP payout is staggered across the missions. While some missions have a consistent EXP boost, others start out at or below normal payout rates and then increase as you progress through the mission.

As has been the case in many past events, the Ragol Memorial Festa features a panel rewards system based on total enemy kills. As event missions are cleared, the number of enemies killed in each run is tallied up and added to a server-wide total. When this total reaches and exceeds predetermined milestones, new panels are unlocked which earn participants rewards for both during and after the event. Furthermore, individual kill counts are also recorded, allowing players to collect special rewards from Dr. Montague as they rack up enemy kills.

Event missions

The following missions will be available for the duration of the Ragol Memorial Festa, unless otherwise noted.

Prologue mission

Main missions

Recruitment missions

Event rewards

The Ragol Memorial Festa features two types of rewards, both of which are based on the number of enemies killed during the event. First and foremost is the panel rewards system which is based on the total number of kills achieved by the entire community. The second reward type is based on your individual enemy kills. Read the sections below for further information.

Panel rewards

Panel rewards are based on the total number of enemies killed during the event by the entire population. As teams clear each event mission, the number of enemies eradicated is tallied up and added to the counter displayed on the official event site. When this total reaches certain predetermined milestones, a new reward is earned for the community. Based on the Japanese PC/PS2 version of the Ragol Memorial Festa, here are the rewards that can be earned during this event:

  • Megaholy Photon Fortune for all races for two weeks
  • Free Lumilass and half-priced clothes and parts for two weeks
  • 10x daily Vol Coin allowance for two weeks
  • 15% starting boost for the next GBR
  • New routes opened in MAG 2nd
  • Photon art EXP boost for two weeks
  • 20% weapon/line shield synthesis success rate boost for two weeks
  • 2x Daily Stamp allowance for two weeks
  • 10% weapon grinding success rate boost for two weeks
  • 3x Daily Stamp allowance for two weeks

Individual rewards

In order to reward individual players for their contributions to the overall enemy kill count, an individual tally of enemy kills is recorded. At the end of each event mission, a banner will flash across the screen to let you know your current count, but you can also speak with Dr. Montague in The Doctor's Request to verify your current total. If you have reached or exceeded a certain number of kills when you speak with the doctor, he will reward you with a special weapon. Please see The Doctor's Request for further details.

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