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Rappy Gugg

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Rappy Gugg
Rappy Gugg.jpg
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Enemy type Native creature (Neudaiz)
Enemy size Large
Classification Normal enemy
Elements Light
A giant subspecies of Rappy, Rappy Gugg may be a Rappy mutated by the extremely high photon levels in the Habirao Forbidden District. It appears to be the leader of a group of Rappies. When defeated, it does not bury into the ground like smaller Rappies, instead it flies away.

It may be a reference to the so-called King Rappies from other Phantasy Star games.



Stat modifiers Boosts
HP 500% ATP 200% ATA 120% Crown.gif --
TP 200% DFP 50% EVP 120% Sword.gif --
MST 200% STA 130% EXP 500% Shield.gif --
Status effect susceptibility
Burn Freeze Shock Silence Confusion Infection Poison Stun Sleep Incapacitation ATP down DFP down ATA down
- - - - - - - - - -
Half damage

Item drops

LV Ambition of the Illuminus
Drop items Missions
1-9 [B] Gigasaud --
10-19 [B] Brekaud --
20-29 [B] Calaud Flowery Pursuit C
30-39 [B] Ascaud Dancing Birds C, The Comeback C
40-49 [B] Matohonoh Photon Harvest 1 C
50-59 [B] Matohonoh Dancing Birds B, Flowery Pursuit B
60-69 [B] Badernoh Photon Harvest 1 B
70-79 [B] Badernoh Photon Harvest 1 A
80-99 [B] Bragnoh Dancing Birds A, Flowery Pursuit A, The Comeback B
100-124 [B] Okanoh Dancing Birds S, Flowery Pursuit S, The Comeback A
125-149 [B] Okanoh --
150-174 Hizeri-senba Dancing Birds S2, Flowery Pursuit S2, The Comeback S
175-189 [B] Hizeri-senba Flowery Pursuit S3
190-199 God Hands --
200  ? --
Perori Mate
Gugg Crown
All missions listed above.

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