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Restorations 2

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Restorations 2
Granigs Mine
Start lobby Galenigare Ravine: Hideout
Start counter N. Cont.: Old Mine
End lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Field Granigs Mine
Mission type Story mission
Party size 1 player
Enemy elements Neutral Fire Ice Ground Dark

Despite unfruitful talks with the New Rogues, the Guardians head to the ice caves to save the rogues abandoned by their leader.

Mission requirements and rewards

LV Req. LV Enemy LV Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points
C 1 24+ 1310 13 870 8 430 4 0 0
B 50 38+ 2080 21 1380 13 690 6 0 0
Tyler Portrait
A 75 53+ 2900 29 1930 19 960 9 0 0
PA Fragment x10[1]
Tyler Portrait
Rank S requirements
LV Time Defeated enemies Miscellaneous requirements
C Under 11:00 -- --
B Under 11:00 -- --
A Under 11:00 -- --

Enemy information

Enemy name Enemy buffs Ele. Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A
Vanda Ground 24 -- 38 80 x x
Vanda Sword.gif Shield.gif Ground 24 -- 38 115 x x
Vanda Fire 24 -- 38 80 x x
Vanda Sword.gif Shield.gif Fire 24 -- 38 115 x x
Vanda Merha Ground x x x x 53 --
Vanda Merha Fire x x x x 53 --
Vanda Merha Sword.gif Shield.gif Fire x x x x 53 --
Vanda Orga Ground 24 -- 38 80 53 --
Vanda Orga Sword.gif Shield.gif Ground 24 -- 38 115 53 --
Vanda Orga Crown.gif Sword.gif Shield.gif Ground 24 -- 38 172 53 --
Jishagara Ground 24 -- 38 120 53 --
Special Ops (Kanohne) Neutral 24 -- 38 112 53 --
Special Ops (Vobis) Dark 24 -- 38 80 53 --
De Rol Le Ice 24 -- 38 2880 53 --

Item drops

Enemy name Special drops Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A
Vanda Vanda Derma Shigga Wadda Shigga Bigul x
Vanda Merha Vanda Derma x x Shigga Stam
Vanda Orga -- [B] Soda Caliba [B] Soda Accas [B] Soda Hazzo
Jishagara -- [B] Gudda Brana [B] Gudda Waya [B] Gudda Greta
Special Ops (Kanohne) G Traps [B] Blaster [B] Shooter [B] Falcon
Special Ops (Vobis) -- [B] Shooter [B] Vullseye [B] Assassin
Normal box  ? [B] Rabol Mega
[B] Rabol Welda
 ?  ?
Area drops Photon Drop Xbox 360 version
Prithvi Earthstone Japanese version
1-8★ ores
2-9★ ores
4-11★ ores
Copernia, Armania,
[B] Vishic


This is another mission where timing is crucial and where it is extremely difficult to obtain an S rank the first time because of not knowing which enemies to fight or ignore and not knowing the correct directions and teleports to take. There are certain points in the mission where the correct path varies randomly. When you get to these points, you can stop for a few seconds and look in the direction you're considering. If you're looking at the right teleport, you will begin to hear a buzzing alarm sound.

Block 1:

When the mission starts, run across the bridge ahead and to the right, and run to the teleport past a group of three Vanda Merha that spawn.

After exiting the teleporter, turn around and run through the door opposite the one you are initially facing. Run past the Vanda Merha that spawn and continue across the bridge and through the fake wall. The three Vanda Merha here must be killed to activate the teleport to the next area.

After going through that teleporter, you will enter an area with a bridge with a teleport at the end, and a second teleport to the left of the bridge. You can ignore Special Ops (Kanohne) that spawn and continue through whichever teleport produces the buzzing noise, putting you on the other side of the bridge.

Continue forward and kill the three Special Ops (Kanohne) that spawn. Once these three have been defeated, continue forward toward the red door, where a few more Special Ops (Kanohne) spawn, which must be defeated to pass through the door into Block 2.

Block 2:

Take the first left upon entering the block and travel through the door at the end of this hall. The three Jishagara that spawn in the next room must be defeated to open the door to continue.

After passing through the unlocked pair of doors, run to the left in the next room, ignoring the Jishagara that spawn, and run across the bridge. The Jishagara that spawn here must be killed in order to open the fence behind the rock on the left side of this island.

Once the fence is down, travel through the the teleport beyond. The teleport takes you to a room that has four teleports on each side of you, and presents a tricky situation: the correct teleport varies with each mission, but you can find the right teleport by using the sound cues when standing still. You know you have found the correct teleport if you end up in a room with a red door on the far wall, a rock formation ahead to your left, and where five (note five, not six) Special Ops (Vobis) spawn to block your path.

If you end up in the wrong place, you have most likely been spit out at the beginning of the block (travel through the first turn you originally took in the block, now ahead and to your right through a group of six Special Ops (Vobis)) or near a bridge with two teleports on either side, the correct path being to follow the bridge around and run across the next area to get back to the island with the teleport that takes you to the room with four teleports (there should be two groups of Jishagara to ignore on this route).

Once the correct teleport of the four has been chosen, kill the five Special Ops (Vobis) that block your path to open the door and continue to Block 3.

Block 3:

At the beginning of the block, move forward and to your left across the bridge toward the red door. The group of Vanda Orga that spawn must be defeated to open up the teleport in the corner of the area, through which you must travel.

The teleport puts you in a room that quickly darkens and is filled with fences that do not show up unless you run into them. It is fairly easy to "feel" your way through the maze, however, knowing that the doorway is in the middle of the wall that is to the left of where you enter, but the correct route is to travel to the opposite wall of where you enter, turn left around the fence, and then turn right once you are aligned with the doorway.

Once you pass through the doorway, the area brightens, and you should pick up the key and follow the tunnel to the left, whereupon you end up passing through the previously-red door near the beginning of the block. Go back across the bridge in front of you, and unlock the fence to your left, taking the left of the two teleports.

The teleport takes you to a large area where you must defeat a large combined force of Vanda Orga and Vanda Merha to unlock the two doors on either side. Of these two doors, the correct one is on the closed side of the room, opposite where the area opens out into a larger cave with a bridge blocked off by rocks. The correct door also has three boxes through it that conceal the next teleport you must travel through.

Travel through this teleport and defeat the host of Vanda Orga that spawn.

Once this group is defeated, travel through the teleport that was opened up and then cross the bridge ahead of you. On the other side of the bridge, the trial is complete.

Reference notes

  1. PA Fragment rewards for story missions are only awarded once per character.
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