As of November 11, 2012, the PSUPedia and its affiliated wikis have made the transition to read-only mode. While edits can no longer be made, we hope you will continue to enjoy the data collected by the community for years to come!


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Below are all the RECENT edits to the PSUPedia. If you plan on contributing to the site, but don't know how, here is a good place to start by just reading edits and verifying them.

Helpful hints

  • Clicking (diff) shows the difference between the current edit and the previous edit.
  • Clicking (hist) shows the history of edits on that page.
  • You can revert edits using links in diff / hist. However, if you are not sure you're entirely correct, or you simply disagree with the edit, please don't revert it.
  • (Upload log) is a log of files people have uploaded.
  • (Block log) is a list of people who have been banned.
  • (Deletion log) is a list of pages or files that have been deleted.
  • Code and other server edits will not show up here.
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