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Alfort Tylor (offline)

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.



Alfort Tylor
Alfort Tylor


Name Alfort Tylor Affiliation Rogues
Gender Male Race Beast
Age 29 Height 195cm
JP Voice Toshihiko Seki
(関 俊彦)
EN Voice David Rosenthal


A powerful figure, admired by other rogues. He doesn't advocate killing needlessly, nor stealing from the poor. He believes in honor and will not betray those close to him. By his tendency to avoid bloodshed, it is clear he doesn't care for violence. However, he will not hesitate in resorting to it when necessary. He is captain of the pirate ship Landeel.

Episode 1

Tylor is first seen hijacking a cargo train. While not quite the way you'd expect a highly influential, honourable figurehead to act, later proves himself as a righteous figure, and one of the most useful people Ethan meets. He's first seen in chapter 4, with the Vol Brothers, hijacking a cargo train. His aide, Liina, first makes an appearance launching a gas canister into the compartment where Karen is keeping the Vol brothers in and rescuing them. Ethan meets Tylor on the way to rescue Karen. The rogue makes short work of Ethan but does not kill him, as he doesn't consider him evil.

His next appearance is in chapter 8- he is seen negotiating with Magashi for Ethan and Tonnio (held hostage in the rogue hideout). He leaves the room, apparently coming to an agreement with Magashi. Liina sneaks in and releases the captives, and shows them the way out. When they reach the port where the Landeel is docked they see that Tylor and Magashi are duelling. Ethan joins the fray, and helps Tylor (much to his relief). Magashi then activates his Grinna Bete Ss, and sets them on Tylor and Ethan. The two are then joined by Leo and Hyuga, and together they make short work of the monsters.

Tylor's next appearance is in chapter 10, when his ship Landeel bursts out of the desert sand to fight Endrum Collective's Air Forces. During the battle, Ethans party's G-Flyer is shot down. The Landeel itself is also shot down and crashes. Liina is seperated from the rogues and then found by Ethan, Lou, Tonnio and Leo under the rubble of part of the ship. Magashi then appears in a Seed-Enhanced robot suit. Tylor, assisted by Ethan, makes and effort to take him down.

Later seen in chapter 12, Tylor offers Ethan and Co a ride to the HIVE. He does not play a major role within the HIVE itself. While the other group goes ahead, he and Liina stay behind to guard the ship. After Magashi's defeat, he takes the group out of the hive before the AMF open fire on it.

Episode 2

Random Facts

  • Alfort Tylor supposedly owns the bar on Moatoob

Partner character (offline)

Partner Card

Alfort Tylor
Gender Male Race Beast
Type Hunter (1) Level +3
Card requirements
Episode 2 Chapter 8
Card comment
I try not to kill
people or rob the


Equipment Name Linked Effect Used during
G.R.M. Lightning Blackheart Gravity Strike Level 21 to 30 Skill Levels 1+
Twin sabers
TENORA WORKS Neutral Alseva Drada Cross Hurricane Level 21 to 30 Skill Levels 25+
TENORA WORKS Light W'ganba
Resta Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
Yohmei Light Cati-senba - - Levels 1+
- - - - Vande Val Blast Badge Invincible Nanoblast Levels 20+


See Alfort Tylor.

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