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Ethan Waber (offline)

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.



Ethan Waber
Leo and Ethan
At the festival
Yeah, this Landeel.
Ethan & Karen in the ending.
Ethan as a rogue.


Name Ethan Waber Affiliation Rogues
Gender Male Race Human
Age 17 Height 180cm
JP Voice Tomokazu Seki
(関 智一)
EN Voice Nick Tagas


A young man living on the GUARDIANS Colony. While attending a celebration commemorating the centennial of the Tripartite Treaty, he and his sister Lumia are caught in a SEED attack. After this experience, Ethan joins the interplanetary security force, the GUARDIANS, and begins training under Karen Erra.

Episode 1

The story starts with Ethan airboarding down the roadways of the Guardians Colony to meet his sister, Lumia, and watch the 100th AMF anniversary take place on stage. On the way, Lumia gets pickpocketed by one of the Vol Brothers. Ethan gives chase, and eventually confronts the thief. However, the other Vol brothers show up and restrain him. Lumia appears, and Ethan breaks free. The fight quickly ends when Leo shows up. However, Ethan is rude to Leo and doesn't thank him. Lumia then drags Ethan to the festival. Here, the SEED make their first appearance (Mirei is shown having a vision of it), and cause major structural problems within the colony, causing Ethan and Lumia to flee. They reach a dead end, and wonder where to go next. However, the roof falls in and Lumia gets trapped. Ethan runs to get help, and bumps into Leo; they talk for a moment before Leo is hit by a SEED-Vance. This paralyzes him, but Ethan picks up his gun and shoots the SEED. Upon seeing this, Leo gives him his saber and handgun so he can go ahead and help Lumia before medical staff arrive to help him. Later on, when you've defeated the SEED-Vance at the end of the Linear Line, Lumia is rescued, and Leo appears in good health with two Guardians, which help free Lumia.

Later on, Ethan, now a member of the Guardians, is called to meet his instructor, Karen Erra. Hyuga Ryght is also seen here, chatting up a waitress. Karen walks over, and they both seem quite eager to introduce themselves to her, though she rejects the "advances", such as they are. She then explains the problem at one of the local farms on Parum, and sets off with Ethan and Hyuga to help. However, midway through, they see SEED landing in the local area. Karen gives Ethan a Photon Eraser and then tells him how to use it to exterminate the SEED. After removing the threat in the local area, the farm's prize Gol Dolva attacks the party. Upon its defeat it decides to ruthlessly charge Ethan, and runs into a cliff, causing a rock slide, which crushes it.

After returning to the GUARDIANS Colony, the following day Karen introduces Ethan and Hyuga to Dr. Dorson, who asks for an escort to the RELICS site. Upon arriving there, he asks the party to take him further in, until they reach an ancient creature activated by their presence. Upon its defeat, it drops a small orb (actually an A-Photon reactor created by the ancient civilization), which excites Dorson greatly. However, in the next scene, he drops it crossing a chasm, losing the proof that A-Photons aren't actually the energy of the future, but of the past. Upon going further, Magashi makes his first appearance and activates the self-destruct of the nanomachines that are within Dorson, killing him. This proves Dorson's involvement with the Endrum Collective.

Later on, Ethan meets Lucaim Nav, who assists Ethan, Karen, and Hyuga on a mission to defend a cargo train from rogues. However, the train is hijacked by the Vol Brothers. The party run down the train to confront them, and you see Lucaim knock out all 3 with minimal effort. Karen stays by them to make sure they don't get up or run away, and Hyuga, Lucaim, and Ethan go to the front of the train. However, halfway through, Karen is gassed by Liina Sukaya and Alfort Tylor, and Lucaim collapses. Hyuga stays with Lucaim and looks over him, while Ethan rushes to the back of the train to save Karen. However, the Vol Brothers have awoken by this time and insist on a fight. Upon defeating them, Ethan goes to the next room where Alfort shows up. He attacks Alfort. However, as he's weakened from fighting the Vol brothers, this doesn't go very well, and Ethan is quickly beaten. Liina then picks Alfort up and the two leave in the Landeel. Ethan rushes to Karen, who, thankfully, is all right. The two laugh it off. However, Magashi makes an entrance, growing angry enough to pick Ethan up and throw him. He's all right, though, and Magashi eventually leaves.

Later, during chapter 7, Ethan is asked by Mirei Mikuna to help her find out her father's intentions. Ethan, Hyuga, Maya, and Mirei proceed to the Hakura Temple, where they are confronted by Communion of Gurhal agents. Upon pushing into the main hall, they reach Dohgi Mikuna, who is using Karen in some kind of ritual. Mirei confronts him, only to be killed by Dohgi. Dohgi then leaps into a robot suit of some kind, which also has the ability to cast TECHNICs. Upon its defeat, Karen wakes up from her stasis and rushes to Mirei, who, at this time, has woken up. Unfortunately, the reunion doesn't go on for very long because Mirei passes away after.

In Chapter 10, Karen, who is disguised as Mirei, asks Ethan and Lou, and Dr. Kanal Tomrain to take her to a station to perform a divination to find out the location of the SEED confinement system. However, during this, SEED swarm the local area, forcing Ethan and Lou to destroy them. Once all the SEED have been mostly killed, Magashi attacks, now in a highly altered form. However, he finds Ethan much stronger than expected, and finally retreats. Ethan and Lou then return to the station. The divination was successful, but Karen passed out, which led Ethan to believe that she was dead. As he tried to wake her up, Izuma Rutsu arrived and took her away.

In Chapter 12, Ethan is notified that the HIVE is actually a SEED nest and that Hyuga and Maya along with the kidnapped A-Photon researchers are being held there. After hours and hours of struggling to find a way to get there and with no one willing to help, he goes to sit in a corner all discouraged. He is then found by Liina, who tells him Alfort has agreed to help. Ethan takes Leo and Tonnio with him. Aboard the Landeel, he finds out that Karen came on as well. Once the group finally reaches the HIVE, they split up. Ethan and Karen go to search for Hyuga, Maya, and Kou Taragi while Leo, Tonnio, and Lou try to find the kidnapped scientists. Hyuga and Maya are found in SEED pods. kept there to be mutated by exposure to SEED contamination, and released. The four continue into the Hive and find Kou, who mutates immediately on being released from the SEED pod and is defeated, sending Maya into hysterics when he dies. Ethan and Karen continue into the HIVE until they are eventually separated outside of the core. Ethan continues in, only to be confronted by Magashi. The two have a duel, and Magashi loses and falls directly into the core. The others rush in and congratulate him. However, Magashi is not dead and "merges" with the SEED Core, causing the party even more trouble. After the victory, the quartet heads back to the Landeel, which takes off and exits the HIVE before the A.M.F. open fire upon it and destroy it.

After, during an afterparty of sorts upon the Landeel, Ethan shares conversations with all those involved while looking for Karen. He eventually finds her on the observation deck of the Landeel. The two talk, before Karen hugs him for saying that he'll protect the world because she's in it.

Episode 2

In Episode 2, Ethan takes a backseat to a player-created character as the main protagonist of the story, though he continues to play a major role. We find out that he is in fact working with the Illuminus as a double-agent in order to save his father and bring them down.

Random Facts

Partner character (offline)

Partner Card

Ethan Waber
Gender Male Race Human
Type Hunter (1) Level +3
Card requirements
Episode 2 Chapter 10
Card comment
I'm not a Guardian
now, but I'll still
protect the world!


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Double sabers
Neutral Kubara Product Crea Doubles Tornado Dance Level 21 to 30 Skill Levels 1+
Neutral G.R.M. Hanzo Spinning Break Level 11 to 20 Skill Levels 25+
Lightning G.R.M. Blackheart Gravity Strike Level 21 to 30 Skill Levels 50+
Light Yohmei Crozara
Resta Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
Neutral G.R.M.  ?line Line shield - Levels 1+
Extra units
- G.R.M. Tero / HP Restore Extra Auto recovery LV2 Levels 1+

Combat Quotes

See Ethan Waber.


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