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Lower DFP

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Lower DFP is a status effect which lowers the target's defensive power. When affected with this status, the icon DFP down will appear by the target's name and a blue ring will encircle their body, flowing down from their head to the ground. The ice TECHNIC Zalure and various striking and SUV weapons can inflict this effect; it can be overwritten by Deband or nullified by using Reverser, an Antimate or a Sol Atomizer.

Status level details

Status level Penalty Duration
Lower DFP LV1 -11% DFP 30 seconds
Lower DFP LV2 -15% DFP 60 seconds
Lower DFP LV3 -19% DFP 90 seconds
Lower DFP LV4 -23% DFP 120 seconds
Lower DFP LV5 -27% DFP 150 seconds
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