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Mina during Shadow of the Arkguard.


Name Mina Affiliation GUARDIANS
Gender Female Race Human
Age  ? Height  ?
JP Voice Ryoko Nagata
(永田 亮子) (PSP)
EN Voice  ?


Mina is the front desk attendant of the Cylez City GUARDIANS Branch (GUARDIANS HQ), and is responsible for assigning missions to many Guardians that come to her.

She's been stationed at her post for (apparently) quite some time and has gotten the meet many fine Guardians along the way. She's a friend of Maya Shidow, and has gotten close to Laia Martinez due to Laia's role as an instructor.

Mina doesn't participate in any fighting, but is smart enough to know when to get out. She has a kind heart and a caring personality. She loves her job and loves to be of help to the GUARDIANS organization in any way she is able.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Random facts

She is apparently in love with Ethan Waber.

Partner character

Partner card

Race Human Gender Female
Type Hunter (1) Level +0
Card comment
Card requirements


  • This partner character was used by the party chat system.
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