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Renvolt Magashi

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Renvolt Magashi
A powerful humanoid enemy
Copy CAST of Karl Friedrich Howzer, resemblance seen from Shadow of the Arkguard
Last stand in The Magashi Plan


Name Renvolt Magashi Affiliation Illuminus
Gender Male Race CAST
Age 67 Height 210Rp
JP Voice Norio Wakamoto
(若本 規夫)
EN Voice Brian Sommer


The commanding officer of the RELICS Control Division of the Endrum Collective, a section of the Alliance Military charged with the investigation and protection of RELICS. He is not formally a military officer, so he has no official rank. Above all, he loves to fight, and as a mercenary soldier looking for a battle, he executes his missions for the Endrum Collective faithfully. However there is not just one Magashi in existance. This could explain why after massive amount of defeats he always manages to come back. This makes him a copy-CAST. He is Howzers other self.

Episode 1

He is first met at the relics on parum in chapter 3 as Ethan Waber and Dr.Daren are exiting the relics. He asks Dr.Daren to come back to the endrum collective but he refuses twice. So Magashi makes the nano machines in Dr.Darens viens self destruct killing Dr.Daren. Karen and Hyuga catch up to find Dr.Daren dead. Karen asks Magashi who he is and Magashi tells Karen what his name is and that he works for the Endrum Collective thought to be a peace keeping organization for the AMF. He then leaves with Dr.Darens body. He then comes back in chapter 4 angry that the GAURDIANS failed to protect the contents of the train. Ethan tells him that the rogues were too powerful angering Magashi. Magashi grabs his neck and begins choking him until Karen talks him out of it. In chapter 6 he returns. He makes a deal to trade crystals for an A-photon reactor with Alfort Tylor. Tylor reccomends they do more business in the future until Magashi denies laughing as the "Crystals" explode behind him. Tylor draws his blackheart and begins attacking Magashi. Ethan joins the fight but both are overmatched. He then walks away and 3 Grinna Bete S's appear to fight Ethan Waber and Tylor. Tonnio pursues Magashi and nanoblasts to fight him but Magashi throws an A-photon reactor at him and it explodes and Tonnio falls over injured. Magashi coems back in chapter 9 while the endrum collective and the roues are fighting. He summons his SUV weapon the "Magas Magahna" and begins attacking rogues and GUARDIANS. Eventually he attacks the landeel and Ethan waber along with Tonnio, Leogini and Tylor fight the Magas Magahna destroying it. Magashi jumps out. Ethan and Magashi engage in battle but Tylor comes up behind Magashi and stab him in the back. Magashi explodes. This is the first time a Magashi unit dies. In chapter 10 a magashi unit infects himself with the SEED virus and turns into a SEED-Magashi. He then goes to the agata area and fights Ethan Waber ingoring Howzers orders. He is defeated and leaves. In chapter 12 a Magashi unit goes to the HIVE. He battles Ethan Waber being defeated. Howzer forces him to fuse to the central control system. He attacks Ethan Waber as Dulk Fakis. Failing in first form and second form. This is the second time a magashi unit dies.

Episode 2

First seen on your second GUARDIANS mission after you escape the mine... This is also the first time you hear of the Illuminus.

Episode 3

Random facts

Partner character

Partner card

Renvolt Magashi
Renvolt Magashi
Gender Male Race CAST
Type Hunter (1) Level +10
Card comment
Stay out of things that aren't your concern..
Card requirements
Episode 3 Chapter 8,


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Twin sabers
G.R.M. Fire Two-headed Ragnus Cross Hurricane LV21 to 30 skill LV?
G.R.M. Neutral Apocalypse Rising Strike LV21 to 30 skill LV?
G.R.M. Light Wand
Resta LV11 to 20 TECHNIC LV1+
Equipment Name Effect Used during
Line shields
G.R.M. Fire  ?line - LV1+
Extra units
G.R.M. - Hegel Attacker Sweeping Gatling gun SUV LV20+



Voice Renvolt Magashi's voice (unique)
Crush them like flies!
Low LV enemies  ?
High LV enemies  ?
Cute enemies How useless!
Many enemies  ?
Lost [Player] how very brave of you to run off without me!
Found [Player] there you are... Are you ready to die?
Boost SE  ?
Lower SE  ?
Burn  ?
Freeze  ?
Shock  ?
Confuse  ?
Poison  ?
Silence  ?
Stun  ?
Low HP  ?
Enemy trap  ?

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