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Tough-Guy Towel

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This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature which is exclusive to the Japanese PC version of Phantasy Star Universe.

Tough-Guy Towel

Bath towels used at the Rhyse Inn at Kugo Hot Springs; for muscular men. Wanna take a dip?

Item details

  • Available exclusively on the Japanese PC servers.
  • The Japanese name of these clothes is ガッチリバスタオル.
  • These clothes are account-bound, so they cannot be dropped, traded or sold on the player market.
  • Can be obtained in the listed colors by earning the following titles:
    • Blue x green: "First Words" (chat one time)
    • White x red: "Intermediate Assault" (perform ten exact attacks against your enemies)
    • Red x white: "Intermediate Reflection" )perform ten exact counters)
    • White x light blue: "Impenetrable Defense" (perform ten auto-guards)
    • Blue x white: "Writing Practice" (send mail seven times)
    • White x gray: "Rookie Battalion" (clear five missions with six people)
    • Yellow x yellow: "Going Solo" (clear one mission solo)
    • White x black: "Artist" (change your costume seven times)
    • Light blue x white: "Talking to the Maiden" (receive five fortunes from the shrine maiden)
    • Light blue x light blue: "Nice Water..." (place a Bathtub in your room)
  • Can be obtained at random by playing the Stylish Gacha at Stamp Shop.

Item data

Clothes data
Type Full set Overlap No overlap
Rarity 12★ Mfr. Kubara Product
Clothing colors
Light blue x light blue White x light blue
Blue x green Blue x white
Yellow x yellow Red x white
White x gray Light blue x white
White x red White x black
Pricing information
Buy price N/A
Sell price 5000
Shop location Not for sale

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