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Twin Harisen Fans

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Male CAST wielding the Twin Harisen Fans.

Ceremonial objects with roots in "owarai," an aspect of newman culture. Their attacks do little physical damage.

Item details

  • The attack button changes to smack when this weapon is equipped.
  • Has a small chance of inflicting Stun LV2.
  • Has a Casino equivalent; Twin Harisen Fans/C that can be traded for 1 Silver and 50 Bronze Vol Coins.
  • Owarai is a Japanese term that refers to comedy shows, often slapstick, such as those seen on television.
  • A Harisen is a special fan that was used in war.
  • Makes a snapping sound when smack command is used.

Stats, synthesis, etc.

Weapon stats
Twin sabers
Mfr. Kubara Product Rarity 3★ Ver. Phantasy Star Universe
PP 187 Att. 107 Tech. -- Acc. 99
104 Vari-
 ? Status effect
Board stats
Photon ??? photon x3 Ore Aporaline x1
Metal Harnium x3 Biomaterial Neta Note x2
[B] uses 1 Synth rate  ??-??%
Synth time 0:15 [B] used [B] TwinHarisenFans
Pricing information
Weapon Board
Buy price N/A Buy price N/A
Sell price 200 Sell price 25
Shop location Not for sale Shop location Not for sale
Grinding information
Stat 0/10 1/10 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 6/10 7/10 8/10 9/10 10/10
PP 187 196 205 214 223 232 241 252 263 274 288
Att. 107 115 120 125 128 131 141 151 164 177 190
Drop information
Source Level Ver. Type
Do Vol 1-124 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board

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