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Spring Event

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The Spring Event is a special event for the Xbox 360 servers which is scheduled to run from March 25, 2011, through May 12, 2011. This event is based on the Japanese PC/PS2 servers' 3rd Anniversary Thanks Festa, held in celebration of the third anniversary of the release of Phantasy Star Universe. This version of the event ran from September 24, 2009, through November 5, 2009.


Event overview

Once again, Holupe Dence offers his programming skills to the GUARDIANS by creating training simulations based around missions from the previous years. Overall, the event offers boosted EXP payout and item drop rates, but each mission has its own unique nuances to make things more interesting. The first mission available, Protectors ε, offers AMP on top of the normal MP and Meseta rewards. The mission also plays out like a GUARDIANS advanced mission, placing certain restrictions on each player as well as offering a secret action that can be completed only through teamwork. Midway through the event, Protectors ζ will be added. Similar to "Towards the Future" from Phantasy Star Online, this mission takes you through a condensed run of the mysterious phantom areas that have been appearing across Gurhal. But unlike any other mission before it, each block is followed by a boss battle, giving you a chance to earn incredible amounts of EXP while hunting for brand new items.

Event missions

The following missions will be available for the duration of the event, unless otherwise noted.

Prologue mission

Main missions

Recruitment missions

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