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Box drop research

  • The purpose of this article is to collect data on items that drop from boxes both mid- and post-mission. When filling in drop data, please take care that you add items to the correct chart, row (item type) and column (mission difficulty). If you are unsure of how to do this or don't feel like messing with wiki coding, please feel free to add a comment below the table with your findings and we'll add it for you. (Be sure to state the mission difficulty so that data is added properly. Also, sign your comment by adding ~~~~ after it.)
  • We use a color-coding system to identify certain drops in these tables. Here is what each background color means:
    • White: The standard background color identifies drops that contributors have personally confirmed.
    • Blue: Drops which have been identified by outside sources (such as the JP wiki or Japanese player blogs) but have not been confirmed by a contributor will be identified by a blue background.
    • Gray: A gray background is used for drops which are assumed. For example, if the same item drops on both the lowest and highest mission difficulty, it is generally safe to assume that all intermediate difficulties will offer the same drop.

Normal boxes

Item type PC version 360 version
Cons. Fragment Ray-drop Ray-drop
Fragment Raysphere Raysphere
Wood  ?  ?
Deco. Room decoration  ?  ?

Clear boxes

No secret action

Item type PC version 360 version
Milias Sword Sob Streak
Impact Claw Lejirio
Cons. Fragment BT Fragment BT Fragment
Mats. Biomaterial Lunga Pudding x
Biomaterial Photon Booster Photon Booster
Biomaterial Vol Curry x
Biomaterial Zero Photon Zero Photon

Magas Maggahna defeated

Item type PC version 360 version
Survival Slasher Demonic Lore
Magadoog Black Trick

SEED-Magashi defeated, no deaths

Item type PC version 360 version
Magana Breaker Magana Breaker
Missouri M13 Bambo Gaga M
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