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  • Asim: Since we already redirected all the cities to this page.. should we write info on the cities on this page ? If so, I think this is an article needing expansion or whatever you call it. I think there are a lot of videos on Cylez, Holtes, and Ohtoku on Youtube and PSOW forums, I'll dig through those tomorrow. I think we could even find a way to put Holtes (and the three other practically unknown cities) on the Parum page and do the same for the other areas, that could be better, because this page is much more general. And those [Edit] signs are getting on my nerves, why did those Wikipedia guys have that there when you can just edit a page normally ? ._.;;

/sleeps to do computer in 15 hours

  • Tycho: I'm not sure how much info on these cities we even have, or how much there will be... if there's going to be an extensive amount (maps plz), it'll probably get split up again. I'd prefer leaving the planet pages just as an overview of whatever other stuff is on them, since the cities just can't really get generalized to the level of whole planets. Not sure of how much use videos would be though. D:
  • Mewn: The repeated [Edit] tags are there so you can edit a specific section of the article, it's a lot better when you are say, editing an article with numerous complex tables to be able to edit specific sections.
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