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Missions listed in tables

I've just completed updating the enemy drop charts (barring the bosses) with each mission each enemy shows up in. It took up about half of the day, but it needed to be done, and I didn't really have much else to do. (Slow day at work and all.) Anyway, on the boss charts, we need to figure out a better way to display drops for these since they won't fit too well in the tables we have now. We can save that for another day, though. Moving on, I want to stress that as new missions are released, we must stay on top of adding them to these charts. Also, I think it was suggested before, but I believe it might be in our best interest to templatize each of these tables for use in multiple articles. It'll save us the pain of having to track down multiple articles to make the changes. - EspioKaos 15:34, 29 January 2008 (CST)

Drop changes

  • Thought this might be the most appropriate place to put this. Japan recently got some stated drop and droprate changes and yet... there doesn't seem to be that much discussion of this anywhere. Not sure people on the official boards care that much and I'm banned from PSOW, so might as well stick it here. The changes the Japan have got are:
    • Making PSU bosses drop their rares far more often (and certainly, pictures on the JP-Uploader and these player shop images posted by Kamica on PSOW seem to suggest that this is true).
    • Rebalancing monster drop rates in PSU missions to be equivalent to AoI missions.
    • Changing some monster and board drops completely.
    • Changing the drop rate of materials in missions with high level monsters (I hope this means Catilium becomes more common!)
  • I'll list any other apparent changes I find as this might prove useful when US gets these changes and old templates/dropcharts etc. become outdated. - Mewn 10:34, 19 January 2008 (CST)
    • I'm more amazed by the utterly absurd normal box drops in Phantom Forest. I mean, seriously, holy shit. Anyway, Shi-kikami makes sense from BUGGES, since the non rare ones drop card boards, right? And wow, that HUEG Cutter drop kind of really makes Orgdus pointless. --Qwerty 20:02, 19 January 2008 (CST)
  • On one hand, I'm happy that we have our drop templates setup so that changes like this will be easy to make and will immediately propagate to all drop charts. On the other hand, due to SonicTeam's updates like this, the Perfect Bible is becoming outdated almost as quickly as the first one. D: Ah, well. I guess that's one of the charms (?) of an online game. - EspioKaos 00:13, 20 January 2008 (CST)
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