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Talk:Sleeping Warriors

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Box drop research

  • White background: Confirmed to drop in the EN version of this mission.
  • Blue background: Reported by the JP wiki.
  • Gray background: Assumed but unconfirmed drop.

Normal boxes

Item type Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A Mission LV S Mission LV S2
Mats. Metal Harnium  ? Harnium  ?  ?
Metal  ?  ? Soldonium Soldonium Soldonium
Metal  ?  ?  ? Stelnium Stelnium
Metal  ?  ?  ?  ? Catilium
Metal Gamotite  ?  ?  ?  ?
Metal  ?  ? Zepotite  ? Zepotite
Metal  ?  ?  ?  ? Chicotite
Metal  ?  ?  ?  ? Hapotite
Hard material Nanosilica  ? Nanosilica Nanosilica x
Hard material  ?  ? Nanocarbon Nanocarbon Nanocarbon
Hard material  ?  ?  ?  ? Nanoresin
Hard material  ?  ?  ?  ? Nanopolymer
Wood  ?  ?  ? Kubara Wood Kubara Wood
Deco. Room decoration  ?  ?  ?  ? Beetle
Room decoration  ?  ?  ?  ? Stag Beetle
Room decoration  ?  ?  ?  ? Tornado Throw

Clear boxes

Item type Mission LV C Mission LV B Mission LV A Mission LV S Mission LV S2
Mats. Metal Meganite  ? Meganite  ?  ?
Metal  ?  ?  ?  ? Giganite
Metal  ?  ?  ? Teranite Teranite
Metal  ?  ?  ?  ? Petanite
Wood Par Wood  ?  ? Par Wood x
Wood  ?  ? Par Ash  ? Par Ash
Wood  ?  ?  ?  ? Par Ebon
Wood  ?  ?  ?  ? Par Walna
Synthesis board
 ?  ?  ?  ? [B] Huge Cutter
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Laser cannons
 ?  ?  ? [B] Laser Cannon [B] Meteor Cannon
Line shields
[B] Brandline  ?  ?  ?  ?
Line shields
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ?

Clear box research

Category Difficulty C Difficulty B Difficulty A Difficulty S Difficulty S2
[B] Gigush [B] Claymore [B] Calibur [B] Hanzo [B] Huge Cutter
[B] Fists [B] Wire Gloves [B] Rivet Gloves x x
Laser cannons
x x x [B] Laser Cannon [B] Meteor Cannon
Line shields
[B] Perpaline [B] Megaline [B] Gigaline [B] Hardline [B] Catiline
[B] Brandline [B] Zeetline [B] Cresline [B] Phantom Line [B] Delette Line

Talk:Bladed Legacy for reference. Here I'm seeing similarities to Talk:The Holy Ground and De Ragan. I've managed to confirm some of the drops as well as some new ones, but there are definitely ones I'm going to drop from the chart really soon. I'll transfer it over to the mission page once things are in good order. S-T-H 20:44, 4 December 2008 (CST)

  • The lower end drops were probably pre-AOTI. --S-T-H 05:54, 16 February 2009 (CST)

Enemy spawn chart

These comments have been taken from the original location of the enemy spawn chart. They may or may not still be relevant.

What is the pattern to A-x? Nothing is listed. [edited 1/2/07]. When we get B-x or C-x we have no problems until the 3 Badira when you go down the stairs on 2nd block. I'm still unable to confirm those myself.

  • Been trying as hard as I can to figure it out, have had no luck with getting A-X. Haven't even been able to confirm the info I got on B-X and C-X. :x --Cerria 03:15, 1 January 2007 (CST)

I'm not sure about C-X but B-X worked for me, took about 3 hours of hunting but i finally encountered rappies and orgdus once... yes the majority of the time the badira x3 at the bottom of the steps was what went wrong with the runs but it is possible. I'm not sure if the luck of leader has to do anything with it, the leader in my party had 3 luck at the time but that culd just be a coincidence. I have yet to find C-X, i always get a polyvohra at bottom of steps instead of 3 badira, but that doesn't mean the chart is wrong, it just means you gotta keep trying. I'm too am trying to figure out the spawns for A-X, i just try and keep a mental note of spawns and if i run into ogdus i'll write it down and post them on here.

i updated A-x but the second room info is missing. i am also not sure if the first room spawns are the only possibility. but rappies did spawn when the polvora was down the stairs, that part is certain.

The C X map spawn is WRONG. I just got rappies in B2 and the first spawn in B1 was Golomoro X4 and 3(I think) Badira in the boxes.--GP 12:58, 29 February 2008 (CST)

S-T-H 01:04, 17 June 2008 (CDT)

Wrong information

Rank S on Level C awards 950 Meseta and 10 Mission points. --Daecon

Are you perhaps referencing the PSP version of the game? Also, please sign your discussion page comments (by using four tildes) --beatrixkiddo 20:07, 9 April 2009 (CDT)

The current entries are correct on all counts. --S-T-H 20:50, 9 April 2009 (CDT)

Nope, I'm playing Ambition of the Illuminus on the PS2, and I had the TV screen right in front of me when I wrote that. Daecon 00:32, 10 April 2009 (CDT)

online or offline mode? offline Sleeping Warriors Oli 02:52, 10 April 2009 (CDT)

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