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Template:GAS stats

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Template parameters

GAS category: Identify the customization as either T (type) or S (style).
Subcategory: Identify the customization subcategory. If it is a type customization, use B (basic abilities), S (special abilities), W (weapon skills) or A (attributes/resistances). If it is a style customization, use W (weapon style), S (shield style) or E (extra style).
Style req.: If it is a style customization that requires you to have previously acquired another style customization, enter that style here. Otherwise, type None.
Req. AP: Enter the amount of AP required to purchase the customization.
Max. LV: For type customizations, enter the maximum level that can be obtained here.
LV tiers: For each level of a type customization, enter the amount of AP required to obtain it.

Blank template

{{GAS stats
|GAS category= 
|Style req.= 
|Req. AP= 
|Max. LV= 
|LV5= }}
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