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Template:Mission infobox

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Blank template

{{Mission infobox
|Mission name= 
|JP name= 
|Mission image= 
|Start lobby= 
|Start counter= 
|End lobby= 
|Mission type= 
|Enemy elements= }}

Template parameters

  • Mission name: This field is where the mission's name is inserted.
  • Mission image: Insert the image code for the mission this infobox is for here. A list of available mission images can be found below. Please remember to use only the image shown in-game when the mission is selected.
  • Planet: The name of the planet this mission is on. Please use only Moatoob, Parum, Neudaiz, or Colony (GUARDIANS Colony)
  • Start lobby: The name of the lobby this mission can be found in goes here.
  • Start counter: The name of the mission counter you initiate this mission from goes here.
  • End lobby: The name of the lobby or mission counter you come to after clearing this mission goes here.
  • Version: The version of the game that can access this mission. Please use only "AOTI" for Ambition of the Illuminus or "PSU" if the mission is accessible by any version of the game. If left blank, the box will read Phantasy Star Universe.
  • Mission type: This template is designed for numerous types of missions. Please use Free mission, Co-op mission, Story mission, Event mission or Party mission to identify the type of mission for which this infobox will be used.
  • Party: Use this field to identify the number of party members allowed to play the mission. Generally this will be 1-6, though certain missions may require at least two players while other will not allow more than four.

Field icon templates

When creating a mission article, the image used for the mission infobox will be the exact image displayed in-game when the mission is selected.

Image Template code Image Template code Image Template code
{{G logo icon}}
Clyez City
{{Clyez City icon}}
Linear Line
{{Linear Line icon}}
{{HIVE icon}}
{{Rykros icon}}
Holtes City
{{Holtes City icon}}
Raffon Meadow
{{Raffon icon}}
{{Train icon}}
Old Rozenom City
{{Rozenom icon}}
Raffon Lakeshore
{{Lakeshore icon}}
Seabed Plant
{{Seabed Plant icon}}
{{RELICS icon}}
{{AMF HQ icon}}
AMF Metro Linear
{{Metro Linear icon}}
Ohtoku City
{{Ohtoku City icon}}
Mizuraki C.D.
{{Mizuraki icon}}
Pavilion of Air
{{Pavilion icon}}
{{Temple icon}}
Shikon Archipelago
{{Shikon icon}}
Saguraki C.D.
{{Saguraki icon}}
Habirao F.D.
{{Habirao icon}}
Dagora City
{{Dagora City icon}}
Kugu Desert
{{Kugu icon}}
Galenigare Canyon
{{Canyon icon}}
Galenigare Mine
{{Galenigare Mine icon}}
Granigs Mine
{{Granigs icon}}
Il Cabo Base
{{Il Cabo icon}}
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