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Template:Special mission

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Blank template

{{Special mission
|Mission name= 
|JP name= 
|Mission image= 
|Start lobby= 
|Start counter= 
|End lobby= 
|Mission type= }}

Template parameters

  • Mission name: Enter the mission's English name here.
  • JP name: Enter the mission's Japanese name here.
  • Mission image: Using the images listed here, insert the appropriate code to display the mission image used in-game.
  • Planet: Use Colony, Parum, Neudaiz or Moatoob to identify the location of the mission.
  • Start lobby: Identify the lobby where the mission is located.
  • Start counter: Identify the name of the mission counter where the mission is initiated.
  • End lobby: Identify the lobby you arrive at after leaving the mission.
  • Version: Using either PSU or AOTI, identify the version of the game the mission requires for access. (If the mission's name appears in white text in-game, it is a PSU mission. If its name appears in yellow text, it is an AOTI mission.)
  • Mission type: Enter Item exchange mission, Event mission, Recruitment mission, Versus mission, Item upgrade mission or GUARDIANS Cash shop to identify the mission type.
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