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Template:Weapon stats row

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Template parameters

Name: The weapon's name, that is also the name of its individual page.
Link: A link to the weapon's page, in case the displayed name is different than the page name.
Board: If the weapon's synthesis board is available only on the JP PC/PS2 servers, type JP here. If the board is unavailable, type N. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
Comment: Any comments typed here will be added to the table's comments column. If left blank, -- will appear automatically.

You can completely remove the parameter if its value is empty, it will act like if it's blank.

Blank template

{{Weapon stats row
|Comment= }}

Striking, ranged weapon

{{Weapon stats row|Name=Apocalypse|Board=JP}}


Rarity Name Mfr. PP Att. (+10) Var. Acc. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
12★ Apocalypse 研究中・・・ G.R.M. 300 733 392 891 445 355 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --

Knuckles, different link

{{Weapon stats row|Name=Knuckles|Link=Knuckles (weapon)}}


Rarity Name Mfr. PP Att. (+10) Var. Acc. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
1★ Knuckles 研究中・・・ G.R.M. 186 48 266 172 48 27 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --


{{Weapon stats row|Name=Duke}}


Rarity Name Mfr. Tech. (+10) Var. Acc. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
1★ Duke 研究中・・・ G.R.M. 30 300 25 11 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board --

TECHNIC weapon

{{Weapon stats row|Name=Okikudohg|Board=N}}


Rarity Name Mfr. PP Tech. (+10) Var. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
13★ Okikudohg 研究中・・・ Yohmei 967 642 1602 842 802
Synthesis board --
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