As of November 11, 2012, the PSUPedia and its affiliated wikis have made the transition to read-only mode. While edits can no longer be made, we hope you will continue to enjoy the data collected by the community for years to come!

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  • PSUPedia is copyright (c) Michael Davidson (Ahzi), 2006.
  • PSUPedia is a fan-based site. Material presented and developed here is based solely and explicitly on that foundation.
  • This site is maintained by and kindly hosted by DreamXG


  • The website's origin goes back to Ahzi, who started PSUPedia on the remnants of his own private web-space.
  • He left the project in the hands of Tycho, as his interest in Phantasy Star lessened.
  • PSUPedia then moved over to DreamXG's servers due to the popularity of the site, and has continued to grow ever since...
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