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The manual of style is a guide meant to be used by contributors of the PSUPedia to bring together the content of this site in a consistent, easy-to-read format. Contributors should work together to make the styles detailed here a standard of the site.


Writing an article

The purpose of all articles within the PSUPedia is to relay accurate facts to the readers. As such, all information given must be from an objective standpoint; in other words, straight, unbiased facts. Subjective, opinionated material will be removed.

Also, for the sake of consistency, all articles should be written in American English.

Appropriate use of italics

Italics should be used when referring to the proper title of a work such as a book, magazine, game or movie. For example, "Ambition of the Illuminus is the title of Phantasy Star Universe's first expansion."

Headings and sections

Many articles are divided into individual sections and subsections. Each main section should be created by using double equals signs on both sides of the section title. For example:

== Headings and sections ==

When subsections are used, a series of three equals signs on both sides of the subsection title should be used. For example:

=== Subsection title ===

The first letter of a heading's title and the first letter of all proper nouns following will be capitalized. All other words will be in lowercase.


The standard rules of capitalization in the English language should be applied to the text of all articles. However, there are a few exceptions which are specific to the Phantasy Star Universe series.

  • The term TECHNIC will always be completely capitalized. The plural form will retain capitalization, however the s at the end will be in lowercase. TECHNICs, for example.
  • When referring to the GUARDIANS as an organization, all letters of the name will be capitalized. GUARDIANS Colony, for example. If you are referring to an individual or group of members from this organization, only the initial G should be capitalized. Example: "Leo Berafort is a Guardian."
  • The term SEED will always be completely capitalized when referring to the lifeforms from space.
  • Certain manufacturers and their product lines will be completely capitalized. Examples include TENORA WORKS, KUBARA SPREAD and ROAR ROARS. Please refer to in-game usage for further examples.
  • All letters of the race name CAST, despite not being a proper noun, are to be capitalized. The plural form of this name retains all capitalization, but the s at the end will be in lowercase. For example, CASTs. All other race names require no capitalization, unless placed at the beginning of a sentence: humans, newmans and beasts.
  • Weapon categories, unless as the first word of a sentence or article heading, will be in lowercase. The first letter of the name of a specific weapon will be capitalized. (For example: "The Kazarod is a type of rod.") As a general rule, pay special attention to in-game capitalization, as certain hyphenated names do not seem to follow a specific set of guidelines. (Mira-kikami and Giza-Misaki, for example.)
  • All battle type names should be considered proper nouns, thus requiring the capitalization of the first letter of each name. The same applies to the names of all photon arts.
  • Line shield names, just as with weapons, are proper nouns and should be capitalized. ("Yohmei produces the line shield Hel-senba.")
  • Individual items (recovery items, food, synthesis materials, etc.) are to be considered proper nouns, therefore requiring the capitalization of the first letter of each word. ("GRD-DS sells Moon Atomizers for 350 Meseta.")

Weapon and line shield tables

When editing pages covering a certain category of weapons, use this format to develop a new table or build on an existing one. This example demonstrates how the code works. Examine the code as displayed in the first section, and keep in mind the following:

  • If you don't know how Wikitables work, check out the help article on tables at Wikipedia.
  • The "Rarity" column groups weapons by their general grade and specific star rating.
    • As seen below, this is accomplished with a "rowspan" command that specifies the number of other rows this will cover, as well as the appropriate color for the letter rank and the specific star rating ({{Color-C}} for C, {{Color-B}} for B, {{Color-A}} for A and {{Color-S}} for S).
  • Add header rows for every new letter grade of weaponry.
  • If one of these weapons is not yet released in the Japanese version of PSU, use the code {{Unreleased item}} in the row divider above it (|-).
  • If one of these weapons is only released in the Japanese version of PSU, use the code {{JP item}} in the row divider above it (|-).
  • By using the weapon stats row template, you can add individual weapons to the table. Generally speaking, you only need to supply the weapon's name; most other data will be auto-populated. Please see the template's article for full details.

What you type:

{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center"
! rowspan="2" | Rarity !! rowspan="2" | Name !! rowspan="2" | Mfr. !! colspan="2" | +0 !! colspan="2" | +10 !! rowspan="2" | [[Formulae#Variance|Var.]]
!! rowspan="2" | Acc. !! rowspan="2" | Req. !! rowspan="2" | Ver. !! rowspan="2" | [B] !! rowspan="2" | Comments
! PP !! Att. !! PP !! Att.
| {{Color-C}} rowspan="3" | 1★
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Handgun}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Pistatore}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=B'duki Had}}
! Rarity !! Name !! Mfr. !! PP !! Att. !! colspan="2"| (+10) !! Var. !! Acc. !! Req. !! Ver. !! [B] !! Comments
| {{Color-B}} rowspan="6" | 6★
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Railgun}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Rayratore}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=B'duki Re}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Handguc|Comment=Use [[Kubara Wood]] in [B] [[Railgun]].}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Pistatorec|Comment=Use [[Kubara Wood]] in [B] [[Rayratore]].}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=B'duki Hadoc|Comment=Use [[Kubara Wood]] in [B] [[B'duki Re]].}}
! Rarity !! Name !! Mfr. !! PP !! Att. !! colspan="2"| (+10) !! Var. !! Acc. !! Req. !! Ver. !! [B] !! Comments
| {{Color-A}} rowspan="9" | 9★
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Python}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Bisotore}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=B'duki Boa}}
|- {{JP item}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=H10 Missouri|Board=N}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Ruby Bullet|Board=N}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Stec Handgun|Board=N|Comment=Trade only at [[Desert Arms Shop]].}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Real Hand Gun+|Link=Real Hand Gun+|Board=N|Comment=Trade only at [[Desert Arms Shop]].}}
|- {{JP item}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=El Curare|Board=N}}
|- {{JP item}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Queen Berry|Board=N}}
! Rarity !! Name !! Mfr. !! PP !! Att. !! colspan="2" | (+10) !! Var. !! Acc. !! Req. !! Ver. !! [B] !! Comments
| {{Color-S}} rowspan="2" | 12★
{{Weapon stats row|Name=De Ragun}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=De Ragnuc|Comment=Use [[Kubara Wood]] in [B] [[De Ragun]].}}
! Rarity !! Name !! Mfr. !! PP !! Att. !! colspan="2"| (+10) !! Var. !! Acc. !! Req. !! Ver. !! [B] !! Comments
| {{Color-S2}} rowspan="2" | 13★
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Guld|Board=N|Comment=Male only.}}
{{Weapon stats row|Name=Milla|Board=N|Comment=Female only.}}

The resulting table:

Rarity Name Mfr. +0 +10 Var. Acc. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
PP Att. PP Att.
1★ Handgun 研究中・・・ G.R.M. 337 31 497 120 21 11 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --
Pistatore 研究中・・・ Yohmei 438 23 530 103 24 12 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --
B'duki Had 研究中・・・ TENORA WORKS 235 38 321 166 26 12 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --
Rarity Name Mfr. PP Att. (+10) Var. Acc. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
6★ Railgun 研究中・・・ G.R.M. 522 189 682 249 104 80 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --
Rayratore 研究中・・・ Yohmei 679 142 771 202 119 84 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --
B'duki Re 研究中・・・ TENORA WORKS 365 236 433 274 130 87 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --
Handguc 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 496 170 656 260 83 84 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board Use Kubara Wood in [B] Railgun.
Pistatorec 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 517 162 773 211 85 84 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board Use Kubara Wood in [B] Rayratore.
B'duki Hadoc 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 506 166 564 296 87 84 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board Use Kubara Wood in [B] B'duki Re.
Rarity Name Mfr. PP Att. (+10) Var. Acc. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
9★ Python 研究中・・・ G.R.M. 606 270 788 323 146 110 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --
Bisotore 研究中・・・ Yohmei 788 202 898 242 168 116 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board --
B'duki Boa 研究中・・・ TENORA WORKS 424 318 524 382 182 119 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board --
H10 Missouri 研究中・・・ TENORA WORKS 455 331 545 411 176 131
Synthesis board --
Ruby Bullet 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 651 298 851 394 159 107 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board --
Stec Handgun 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 458 204 773 331 154 110 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board Trade only at Desert Arms Shop.
Real Hand Gun+ 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 545 133 872 325 116 121 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board Trade only at Desert Arms Shop.
El Curare 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 468 238 568 303 320 112
Synthesis board --
Queen Berry 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 788 270 898 323 146 107
Synthesis board --
Rarity Name Mfr. PP Att. (+10) Var. Acc. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
12★ De Ragun 研究中・・・ G.R.M. 674 333 874 477 231 156 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board --
De Ragnuc 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 606 300 1005 386 184 164 Phantasy Star Universe Synthesis board Use Kubara Wood in [B] De Ragun.
Rarity Name Mfr. PP Att. (+10) Var. Acc. Req. Ver. [B] Comments
13★ Guld 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 782 452 982 537 239 181 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board Male only.
Milla 研究中・・・ Kubara Product 814 403 1014 488 296 181 Ambition of the Illuminus Synthesis board Female only.

Color-coding for items

A standard has been established for the PSUPedia to help readers differentiate between items that have become available on all servers, those that are only available on the Japanese servers and those which are not available in any version of PSU. These color codes should be used for the background of the cell containing the name of the item in question.

Color Legend
Normal background color denotes an item available on all servers.
Use {{JP item}} to identify an item that is currently available only in the Japanese version of the game.
Use {{360 item}} to identify an item available only in the Xbox 360 version of the game.
Use {{Unreleased item}} to identify an item that has not been released in any version of the game.
Use {{Rotational item}} to identify an item that is available only during a specific time frame.

A color-coding system has also been implemented for items to identify their star ranking when listed in a table. This system is based on the color scheme used in-game.

Color Legend
{{Color-C}} should be used to identify 1★, 2★ or 3★ items.
{{Color-B}} should be used to identify 4★, 5★ or 6★ items.
{{Color-A}} should be used to identify 7★, 8★ or 9★ items.
{{Color-S}} should be used to identify 10★, 11★ or 12★ items.
{{Color-S2}} should be used to identify 13★, 14★ or 15★ items.

Individual item pages will display a series of color-coded stars (as opposed to a number followed by a star) to identify an item's rarity. This system is based on the in-game color-coding.

{{13 stars}}

The preceding code produces this:


Replace the number within this tag with the appropriate number of stars for the item in question. If the item is a single-star item, remember to make stars singular: {{1 star}}.


Contributors should avoid the use of non-statistical abbreviations (type names, for example) when writing articles, instead limiting their use to tables and charts. The following list details all accepted abbreviations used in the PSUPedia.

Abb. Meaning
HU Hunter
RA Ranger
FO Force
FI Fighgunner
GT Guntecher
WT Wartecher
FF Fortefighter
FG Fortegunner
FT Fortetecher
PT Protranser
AF Acrofighter
AT Acrotecher
FM Fighmaster
GM Gunmaster
MF Masterforce
Base stats
Abb. Meaning
HP Hit/Health points
ATP Attack power
ATA Attack accuracy
DFP Defense
MST Mental strength
EVP Evasion
STA Stamina
EXP Experience (points)
Composite stats
Abb. Meaning
Att. Attack
Acc. Accuracy
Def. Defense
Tech. TECHNIC power
Ment. Mentality
Eva. Evasion
End. Endurance
Abb. Meaning
LV Level
MP Mission points
PP Photon points
PM Partner machine
AP Advanced points
AEXP Advanced experience points
AMP Advanced mission points
DP Delivery points
DS Daily Stamps

Unlocalized terms and names

When it comes to gathering information on upcoming updates to Phantasy Star Universe, be it a simple content update or a brand new expansion pack, the vast majority of this information comes from Japanese sources. In this case, a speculative translation must be made for things such as character, place and item names. When this is done, the name is considered unofficial and all instances of it should be enclosed in parentheses until an official localization is made. As an example, the mission we now know as Fight for Food was originally known as (Farm Plant Recovery).

Item star rarity

When referencing the rarity of an item, consistently use a ★ as opposed to an asterisk. Of course, as stated on the front page of the PSUPedia, you must have Japanese language support installed on your computer for the star symbol to appear properly. There are two methods of input for this star:

  • Copy and paste it from another article.
  • Using Japanese IME, type hoshi and then press the space bar to input the symbol.

Individual weapon, line shield, etc. articles

Individual weapon pages should follow the guidelines set forth by these templates.

Individual item articles

For items such as synthesis materials, consumables and traps, the follow page layout should be used.

''The exact in-game item description goes here in italics.''<br/>
{{13 stars}}

== Item details ==
* Random information on this item
* Will be posted in a bulleted list
* Such as this one.


This will create articles such as this and this.

Image submission guidelines

When submitting images for individual articles, please follow these guidelines:

  • You may only submit your own images. Images taken from other sites will be removed unless proof of permission is provided.
  • We are not an image hosting service. Do not upload an image if you only plan to use it on another site. Furthermore, do not upload images irrelevant to the content of the PSUPedia.
  • Do not submit full screenshots unless they are for rare spawn charts to show map layouts. Crop out the focal point of any images before uploading them.
  • In the case of smaller weapons such as handguns and daggers, images should mainly focus on the weapon itself, not the character holding the weapon. However, don't try to completely block your character out of an image, as you do want to have at least some of the body shown for the sake of displaying weapon to character proportions.
  • Turn off the display above your character's head before taking a screenshot. Having the character name, user ID, online status or any other information displayed above your head only makes images look cluttered.
  • Do not let the in-game HUD (character information, weapon pallet, etc.) block portions of the image. PC users can press shift and print screen simultaneously to remove the HUD entirely.
  • Please give your image a relevant name when uploading it. Do not leave the file name as the long string of numbers PSU automatically assigns to the image.

User pages

While all articles within the PSUPedia must follow the standards of this guide, individual user pages are the exception. Please feel free to use whatever style you prefer on your user page.

In-game descriptions

Concerning articles that use italicized in-game descriptions, the exact description as it appears in the game (excluding hyphens for line breaks) must be used. This includes all typos, misspellings, spacing and other miscellaneous errors. However, please do not include [sic] following the incorrect spelling or punctuation.

Use of wiki templates

Pre-made templates should always be used to save space and make writing articles easier. The following table compiles all templates that are currently in use at the PSUPedia and displays their effects to the right.

What you type What you get
{{Logo-G}} G.R.M.
{{Logo-Y}} Yohmei
{{Logo-K}} Kubara Product
{{PSU version}} Phantasy Star Universe
{{AOTI version}} Ambition of the Illuminus
{{AOTI GAC version}}
{{Sword icon}}
{{Knuckles icon}}
{{Spear icon}}
{{Double saber icon}}
Double sabers
{{Axe icon}}
{{Twin saber icon}}
Twin sabers
{{Twin dagger icon}}
Twin daggers
{{Twin claw icon}}
Twin claws
{{Saber icon}}
{{Dagger icon}}
{{Claw icon}}
{{Whip icon}}
{{Slicer icon}}
{{Rifle icon}}
{{Shotgun icon}}
{{Longbow icon}}
{{Grenade icon}}
{{Laser cannon icon}}
Laser cannons
{{Twin handgun icon}}
Twin handguns
{{Handgun icon}}
{{Crossbow icon}}
{{Card icon}}
{{Machinegun icon}}
{{RCSM icon}}
{{Rod icon}}
{{Wand icon}}
{{TCSM icon}}
{{Line shield icon}}
Line shields
{{Head unit icon}}
Head units
{{Arm unit icon}}
Arm units
{{Body unit icon}}
Body units
{{Extra unit icon}}
Extra units
{{Color-C}} C-grade items
{{Color-B}} B-grade items
{{Color-A}} A-grade items
{{Color-S}} S-grade items (10-12★)
{{Color-S2}} S-grade items (13-15★)
{{JP item}} Japan-only items
{{360 item}} Xbox 360-only items
{{Unreleased item}} Unreleased items
{{Rotational item}} Seasonal or temporary items
{{1 star}} Star-C.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{2 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{3 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{4 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{5 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{6 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{7 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{8 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{9 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{10 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gif
{{11 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gif
{{12 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gif
{{13 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S2.gif
{{14 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S2.gifStar-S2.gif
{{15 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S2.gifStar-S2.gifStar-S2.gif
{{Crown}} Crown.gif
{{Sword}} Sword.gif
{{Shield}} Shield.gif
{{Boot}} Boot.gif
{{Staff}} Staff.gif
{{Neutral}} Neutral
{{Fire}} Fire
{{Ice}} Ice
{{Lightning}} Lightning
{{Ground}} Ground
{{Light}} Light
{{Dark}} Dark
C Rank
B Rank
A Rank
S Rank
{{Shirt icon}} Clothing top
{{Pants icon}} Clothing bottom
{{Shoes icon}} Shoes
{{Top set icon}} Top set
{{Bottom set icon}} Bottom set
{{Full set icon}} Full set
{{Arm icon}} Arm icon.gif
{{Torso icon}} Torso icon.gif
{{Leg icon}} Leg icon.gif
{{Full parts set icon}} Full parts set icon.gif

Aside from these templates, numerous larger templates have been created for use within articles for stat and information tables. A list of these can be found here.

Enemy spawn chart template

All mission articles will contain a spawn chart for identifying which maps will offer a rare enemy spawn. Please see this article for information on how to create this table.

Item order

Keep the following rules in mind when listing items in tables and drop charts.

  • Generally speaking, items should be listed based on their star rarity. The item of lowest rarity will be listed first and the item with the highest rarity last.
  • When items of various types (i.e. weapons and biomaterials) are listed together, first list them categorically based on the order used by the in-game inventory menus. This order is weapons, line shields, units, recovery items, synthesis materials, room decorations and synthesis boards. Each category of items will then be organized by rarity, per the previous rule.
  • Certain item types, such as weapons and synthesis materials, can be divided into smaller categories. This order should be based on the in-game order visible when items are stored in your inventory. In the case of weapons, you can also reference the weapon proficiency chart, starting in the upper left-hand corner with swords and working left-to-right, top-to-bottom to TCSMs. Weapon synthesis boards will be listed in a similar manner.
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