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11/30/2006: Update News!

  • After an insufferable amount of "fan" complaints about lack of updates or news of, has released news that EN Phantasy Star Universe shall receive JP Update 002 on the 8th of December, and then "on a weekly basis starting with the December 8th content release." The article details the contents of Update 002 (but fails to mention the addition of Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde and Gidiga or the fixing of certain bugs) so it's worth looking into if you don't already know what's coming. - Miraglyth 20:12, 30 November 2006 (PST)

11/24/2006: Official European Release

  • Most of you would have probably already known this, but Phantasy Star Universe has now been released in Europe! It seems that the official site is still lagging behind, but PlaySega now allows European players to get their GUARDIANS Licenses without any problems as well. A warm welcome to all new players; have fun! - Tycho 03:22, 25 November 2006 (PST)

11/15/2006: First Update Gets Official Date

  • has teamed up with Sega to provide official PSU update news, before even the official PSU website gets it. The article confirms that there will be a content patch this coming Thursday, and will be available to access on Friday the 17th. Moatoob will finally be accessible, including the materials, weapons, and items that go along with it. Parum and Neudaiz will also receive new missions, so in total about 6 new missions will be introduced in this update. - Segaholic2 10:24, 15 November 2006 (PST)

11/13/2006: News of Initial Updates

  • While nothing specific, Clumsyorchid has confirmed on the official Phantasy Star Universe boards that English Phantasy Star Universe should see "at least two content patches before [December 15th]", and has stated that the website should detail the specifics within a day or so. - Miraglyth 10:44, 13 November 2006 (PST) Updated there's a new maintance date on the PSU US website : Thursday Evening: 11pm to 4am PST (GMT-8)

11/11/2006: First online cheating on PSU US

  • Due to the fact that PSU's Network Mode still lets certain things be handled client-side, the first forms of online hacking have been able to manifest itself. The perpetrator is (not quite unsurprisingly) Broomop. People reporting the issue on the official forums were quickly silenced, but one PSOW thread still has quite a bit of info on the events. The user was banned shortly, but considering the fact he keeps shifting through new accounts by begging for them, this does not quite solve things really. Let's hope the issue will be taken care of. - Tycho 08:14, 11 November 2006 (PST)

10/27/2006: Importers beating the system

  • There has been a lot going on since the US release, with the apparent lack of a game key, the log-in servers getting jammed like at the Japanese release, and the horrid AVS system impeding EU players from being able to create game accounts easily. Miraglyth has recently covered most of the recent history on the latter in the new Importing article. If you haven't been reading all forums 24/7 and and are considering to import the game or are already in the process of doing so, be sure to give it a read. - Tycho 07:37, 27 October 2006 (PDT)

10/24/2006: The Battle Begins -- Though no payment options for importers!

  • Well, the US official release date is now upon us and many of us are anxiously waiting for copies to arrive by post or for pre-orders to get to shops or whatever. If you manage to get hold of the game today despite the apparent delays and other stuff then you're a lucky sod and I hate you. But enjoy your Gurhalian life, everybody~ Mewn
    Edit: It turned out only American credit cards can be used to pay for subscribtions. In practice, this means European and Australian players that imported the American version got shafted, and will not be able to play online for a month, unless they manage to make a deal with contacts resident in the States. Voice your discontent about the issue here, or make an attempt to get Sonic Team to listen and try your luck with the support forms! - Tycho 12:52, 24 October 2006 (PDT)

10/14/2006: Xbox360 payment details!

The PSUPedia has got hold of some information which appears to reveal and confirm certain details of the payment for the X360 GUARDIANS License.

  • You only need a Silver Xbox Live subscription - that was well known anyway though.
  • US Xbox360 GUARDIANS License is $9.99/month. The UK License is £6.99/month.
  • There's no option for Microsoft Points - payment seems to be Credit/Debit Card only. A 'Redeem Code' option appears for both UK and US, the exact use is unknown, but I speculate it to be something like entering a serial code that comes with the game in order to get a free trial period. I can't say for sure though, and wouldn't like to pin down a use.
    An XBox Live Silver box
  • The currency shown when you are purchasing the License depends on the region of your Gamertag.

Note: This information is not final and is subject to change. Neither myself nor PSUPedia take any responsibility if the information does turn out to be incorrect. That's not to say it isn't, I just like to cover my backside. :) Mewn 19:42, 14 October 2006 (PDT)

10/09/2006: US GUARDIANS License price revealed, Xbox Live Silver compatibility confirmed, Xbox360 Open Beta

Darijuana of PSOW has posted a link to this official support FAQ which reveals, amongst other things, that:

  • The price of the GUARDIANS License will be $9.99 each month. The price is still unknown for other areas, like the EU versions.
  • A GUARDIANS License can be bought on the X360 with either a Gold or a Silver Xbox Live account.
  • An expansion pack is definately coming, along with what is promised to be 'regular content updates'.

In addition, an X360 Open Beta will soon be available to download on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Unlike with the actual game itself you will need to have a Gold account to access this Open Beta. The Beta runs from October 11th until the 18th, but the download itself is only available on the 11th and 12th so get in there quick if you intend to participate! Mewn 14:39, 9 October 2006 (PDT)

10/09/2006: Australian release date pushed back, new US Xbox360 site

Rated T.PNG
  • JubeiSaotome of PSOW has posted in this thread about a news clip on the official XBox site about many release dates seen on the Australian PALGN list. It includes Australia's delayed release date for PSU: November 30th (October 31st originally). Your best bet is to pre-order the US version through Gamestop or NCSX (both ship worldwide) if you don't want to wait another seven weeks.
  • In other news, the US X360 site is now up, although the only news is that it's rated T (like its predecessor) and will cost the average $60. The site is official but is not part of the Sega site. Asim ( T·C·) 06:54, 9 October 2006 (PDT)

10/06/2006: Over ten new updates scheduled for next week

Simmerl of PSOW has posted in this thread about an update on the official site; uhawww also translated some the of the news. This update reveals a lare skew of updates which will occur October 12th, 2006 for the JP version.

An older Room Good of Sega's cash cow, Sonic

PSU updates for 10/12/2006:

  • Level raised from 50 to 60.
  • Eight new weapon types will be unlocked in network mode: Double Saber, Axe, Twin Claw, Grenade Launcher, Laser Cannon, Crossbow, and Cards.
  • Seven new Expert Classes for all classes (the link refers to all the new ones).
  • Two new S-Rank missions and the last one being an online Story Mission.
    • The Damaged Communications Thoroughfare (Guardians' Colony).
    • Retake the Plant (Linear Line: Central Relay Terminal).
    • "The Masked Woman", a new Guardians' Colony story mission for Episode 2, Chapter 1. (Yes, there are episodes).
  • New clothing and parts (Cast parts).
  • Many Room Goods (including the PM Device Zero, which resets your Partner Machinery stats) and Reform Tickets.
  • Weapons and Armors with Ranks 5*-7*, and basic Items with Ranks 6*-8*.
  • Two new SUV weapons.
  • New Techniques additions and Photon Arts.

These updates will be scheduled for PS2 and PC. Asim ( T·C·) 12:04, 6 October 2006 (PDT)

10/02/2006: US PC Beta opens only for game medias

If you were lucky like Jonathan_F or IGN, you would be playing a Beta version of US PSU right now! This Beta version, which is open to another hundred important media staffs (although 10 or less came to play), has the same content of JP Closed Beta Trial and has been opened since Friday. From this we can expect a flood of previews (some sites, such as IGN have already got on the case) from game sources. The version will only be active until the 8th, and we can also expect that there will probably not be a EU Beta. Jon_F has posted in this thread about his experience online. Asim ( T·C·) 19:45, 2 October 2006 (PDT)

09/29/2006: New X360 Phantasy Star Universe (Japanese) site and release date revealed

Makiro of PSUPedia has informed the PSUPedia staff that a new X360 site has been open by Sega. Although scarce of new information and barely updated, we learned that the release date is December 14th. uhawww also translated originally for PSOW that Japanese players who registered credit card information will have to re-submit it. Free trials will end November 1st, as well. We would also like to remind everyone that there will also be maintenence from October 4th 10:00AM to October 5th 5:00PM (JST). Asim ( T·C·) 12:41, 29 September 2006 (PDT)

09/22/2006: Moatoob and a mass of new missions

uhawww of PSOW has posted in this thread about updates on the official sitethat maintenance times for JP PSU and SegaLink will be from October 4th 10:00AM to October 5th 5:00PM (JST) while Sega fixes up:

  • Parum missions
  • Neudaiz missions
  • Moatoob missions (along with the planet itself)
  • Mission bonuses and mission parameters (more objectives, simply)

While the maintenance is short, you still won't be able to play the PC version offline (Including Extra Mode) between the hours. Other updates revealed that Sega would add more universes for Worlds1 and 2 and allow access to SegaLink data from the server side. Also, it is speculated that there is a new level arriving a few weeks later. Asim ( T·C·) 15:07, 22 September 2006 (PDT)

09/16/2006: Separate Xbox360 servers now confirmed

SoA representative Clumsyorchid has posted here to quash the recent rumours going round about the Xbox360 servers being connected with the PS2 and PC servers. The rumours originated from this forum thread on PSOW. Be aware of this if you are looking to buy the Xbox360 version of PSU! Mewn 16:28, 15 September 2006 (PDT)

09/14/2006: October 31st release date confirmed for AU

That would be the rarely abbreviated Austrailia. UniKoRn of PSOW has posted in this thread that all versions; PS2, PC, and X360, of PSU are being released October 31st. So far the release dates are:

  • October 24th for US
  • October 31st for AU
  • November 24th for EU

All the system version release dates will be simultaneously released per country, as well. Asim ( T·C·) 15:15, 14 September 2006 (PDT)

09/12/2006: US and EU link confirmed

Clumsyorchid (GM of PSO:BB, Sega of America employee) has confirmed the above, in a post stating the following:

US and EU servers will be linked, I don't think anyone will have any problems with me releasing that info. The release date for EU is November 24, as seen by their version of the site. The other main difference for the EU site is the included movie, we had a few issues with our ESRB tag and should have a site update soon to include a US trailer.

This certainly puts us Brits at ease!

09/12/2006: World1 and World2 server division

-STE- of PSOW has posted in this thread about an update on the PSU (Japanese) official site that there will be a division of JP servers; World1 and World2. Characters will be bound to one world once they are created in that world. Although they are different servers/worlds, you will still only have four characters. At the moment, there is only World1. Once Sega establishes World2 in two days, you can make a one time migration to another World (everyone is on World1 as of now) but after that, you will be separated from everyone in World1. There will be 100 univeres (or servers) once World2 is established. Worlds, which Sega sees as being much larger than a universe, are mainly for server space. This trend is also expected on the US/EU version of PSU. Asim ( T·C·) 13:25, 12 September 2006 (PDT)

09/10/2006: November 24th release date confirmed for EU

zaff100 of PSOW has posted in this thread revealing that for those living in any area in Europe, if you log on to the PSU (English) official site you will see a banner on the top page that reads, "THE BATTLE BEGINS NOVEMBER 24TH", meaning the release date will be November 24th (although if you live in North America, along with countries such as Spain, you will see the release date is October 24th). It's safe to say this is not an error, as Europe usually gets its games late of Japan and North America. Although there are different release dates, the US and EU will still be connected. Asim ( T·C·) 09:38, 10 September 2006 (PDT)

09/06/2006: Phantasy Star Universe (English) site unveiled, server back tonight EDIT: Oct 24th date confirmed for US PSU

  • The English site is up. It looks like a revamped PSO:BB site. The most notable thing is that the game ID you used for PSO:BB can be used again; it's still done through PlaySega. You can also register for the Guardians' Express, which usually gives you two newsletters per month. Ahzi @ EVE 00:11, 6 September 2006 (PDT)
  • Shimarisu of PSOW has posted in this thread that the relaunch of the Network Mode servers for testing has been delayed, for an unspecified period of time.
  • EDIT: Along with the new site, the date of Oct 24th for the US version of Phantasy Star Universe has been confirmed. Mewn 02:41, 6 September 2006 (PDT)
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