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On top of everything going on in each of our lives outside of Phantasy Star, we've got quite a bit on our plates as far as what needs to be done here at the PSUPedia. As such, we should try to organize everything that needs to be done here so that it won't get lost under new projects and the like. If you have any additions you'd like to make to this list, please feel free.


To-do list

General standardization

  • A number of articles either need to be renamed to match the standardization set forth by the manual of style or have their entire contents reworked to match.
  • Existing weapon, line shield, unit, etc. articles need to all have the proper templates put into use. Also, such articles that have not been created need to be created. (Not all information needs to be filled out immediately; that can be collected later. The important part is having the style in place so that things are easier to add.) A list of all weapon articles that either need to be created or need to be converted can be found in this article.
  • Enemy articles need to be filled out with descriptions and various other data.
  • Area drop templates need to be created for use in drop tables.
  • Enemy spawn charts need to be converted to the new style and added to their respective mission articles.


If you have any suggestions for improvements to the PSUPedia, please categorize them under this heading. Also remember to sign your comments.

Offline information

  • I know it's not a top priority for us, but for when we can get around to working on an offline data section, would it be possible to have it placed in a subdirectory of the site such as Toshimo suggested this in the original to-do list, but nothing really came of it. - EspioKaos 18:29, 9 November 2007 (CST)

Alloys and the Sort

  • I've noticed, you have the drop information for alloys and such on mission pages.. However, there's no link or drop information on the pages dedicated to the alloy itself. It's tiresome to hunt down the drop info for something like Goldania, since all that page does is tell you the item's description. Would it be possible to include drop information on the dedicated pages? --Talakara 12:43, 13 April 2008 (CDT)Talakara
    • Like here? There's too many missions to list on the individual pages. However the area-dropped items could get a link to the area drops page. Essen 12:54, 13 April 2008 (CDT)
      • Surely, that's a good way to do it, have a link on say, the Goldania page to.. The Goldania on that area drop page, it'd work great ^ ^--Talakara 13:44, 13 April 2008 (CDT)
        • One way to do that would be to include/templatify links like Drops (which doesn't work yet because there's no references on the page in question yet), but.. even so, for a lot of the items in there (from Monomate to Psycho Wand) there's still multiple entries, so.. wouldn't it be easier to just Ctrl-F for all entries or something? Alternatively, since we're already using templates for monster drops, we could turn around the process and do them for items as well. Too much of a bother to keep updated? Then, rather than things like 'Naval drop chart' we'd need one mega-template returning relevant info by being able to filter its content based on a string parameter, and have it add (or for the other case filter) an extra column indicating monster name in case the parameter was an item (and as such the monster name would not be clear yet). Sounds daunting? Perhaps, although the hardest part would be getting the parameter-based filter system to function. In any case, I used something very similar (except using PHP-based filtering) for both PSO drops and a Pokemon type chart. Both of them still suck for not being able to 'remember' previous input in the boxes, but anyway, that part shouldn't be an issue here. - Tycho 21:51, 13 April 2008 (CDT)

Item exchange missions

  • EspioKaos where editing some thing and called it standardization but there wasn't a standard for item exchange missions. I noticed that most of the item exchange missions aren't listed at the items itself. So we agreed that we would use Tear of Light's one. So allot of items from The Collector, Clothes 'n' Parts [♂], Clothes 'n' Parts [♀] and more need to be edited / made. --Niceone 9:27 24 november 2009(GMT+1)

Cumulative mission experience

I thought it would be a good idea if we could get a group of players to run all available missions and chronicle the total exp that they gained through said mission. I believe there are 2 values we could collect, the minimum and the maximum gained through the mission. For the minimum amount we can get a group of 2 or more players, and have 1 player hit every single monster once while for the maximum amount of a lone player destroy every monster we can then add the values collected to said missions page. Think this would be really helpful for people who are wanting to grind. If anyone wants to do this with me comment on this, or send me a message via Xbox Live, GT is DeviateRogue --DeviateRogue 04:15, 17 May 2010 (UTC)

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