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New template proposals

I'd like to formally propose the following templates for use with our articles on weapons, line shields and units.

And as an example, the Bow Genshi article is using all applicable templates. Going by the ideas that have been thrown around here and with the help of numerous people, these templates have been designed based on the idea of allowing as much automation as possible. Stat tables will update their layout depending on what type of weapon it's for. Where feasible, material quantities and types can be determined by an item's manufacturer and rarity and sell prices for items can be calculated with a simple equation using the item's buy price (when entered). The grinding info table has been updated to allow a single template to change based on the weapon type it's being used for. For example, identifying a table for an RCSM will change the attack variable to Tech. while the values for PP will all be filled in with hyphens.
So what do you guys think? - EspioKaos 10:25, 18 April 2008 (CDT)

  • I like the idea, but to be absolutely honest, these things confuse the hell out of me. That said, I'm sure I could figure them out if I needed to use them/had the time to look at the parameters more closely. --Qwerty 16:57, 18 April 2008 (CDT)
    • Some of those pages I need to go back over and expand on the parameter values and what to do with them. That should maybe clear some things up.  :) - EspioKaos 17:58, 18 April 2008 (CDT)
  • It'll be hell to convert all pages but that's a pretty nice work. Essen 16:59, 18 April 2008 (CDT)
    • If we go with them, we could always just use them for any new pages that we create and then work our way back over older articles and make conversions at our leisure. I wouldn't see much rush since aesthetically everything is pretty much the same. (A few small changes, but nothing that really sticks out.) And thanks again for the help. You helped introduce me to some awesome template functions that I've had a lot of fun playing with. XD - EspioKaos 17:58, 18 April 2008 (CDT)
  • Holy whoa. I love these! - Miraglyth 18:52, 19 April 2008 (CDT)
  • Cool, so I take it no major objections or anything. I'd like to start using these to work on some more weapon/line shield pages, so I think I'm going to move some over from the "test" name and commence conversion. (Normally I'm not too eager to work on the weapons pages since they can be quite time consuming, but with the tests I did with these, I found myself flying right through them.) - EspioKaos 21:41, 21 April 2008 (CDT)

User Page Guidelines

I'm still supportive of the user pages being open to what a person wants to put on it, but I have a few suggestions for possible requirements. One is that user pages shouldn't be categorized. This includes categories that don't and do exist. The others mostly concern links. If a user is going to link to a page, it should either exist or at least have a consistant spelling with a page that should exist (but hasn't been created yet). If the page has had it's link changed (or is different because of confirmed localization) and they know, they should update accordingly. Well...basically they should be aware of what's in red on their page and see if any of it is justified. If not, they should either correct the spelling or drop the link. It's going to become more and more of a problem for people working through the wanted pages. I've come upon countless situations myself where either something that's being linked shouldn't ever exist or is spelled wrong. It wouldn't matter much, but it would make it far easier to keep things clean and figure out what's needed instead of trying to sort through the current mess. S-T-H 03:38, 15 July 2008 (CDT)

  • I agree with your points but in the case of the links I wonder if a redirect wouldn't just do the job? It's going to be difficult to keep an eye on everyone linking to things on their user page. On another note, I wonder if we should consider making a welcome template to put on people's userpages after they make their first edit. It can have stuff like 'Don't make a billion consecutive edits' (since people seem to miss that, or ignore it) and other pointers. Thoughts (and sorry if I'm hijacking this, STH)? - Mewn 15:33, 20 July 2008 (CDT)
    • If you go to Special:Wantedpages you might be able to see better what I mean. Not counting the AOTI and PSP stuff that now appears at the end, the farther in you get the more nonsense you'll probably see. I have no problem with redirecting to obvious things, even though I wouldn't want too many redirects and that stuff usually redirects properly anyway (ie why redirect to a one off that's obviously wrong). The stuff that is an issue are things that are linked for no apparent reason whatsoever. It actually wouldn't be very difficult keeping track as long as Wanted Pages gets cleaned up. As for the welcome template I do agree. Oddly enough I think it was Amaury that brought something like that up in the forums. I'm guessing this would be something automatic? The only real reason I'm bringing this up is that Wanted Pages has been quite useful and can even be more useful in the future. It's just that it needs to be cleaned up in a way that isn't possible for most users (since it involves user pages). The only other solution I see is somehow excluding user pages from having an effect on what pages are listed as needing to be created. Maybe the search filter options could somehow be added to more special pages (so that it would be possible to see what's needed for psp or aoti pages specifically as well). S-T-H 20:47, 20 July 2008 (CDT)
  • Hm, yeah I see what you mean about the wanted page. And no, the template wouldn't be automatic, I don't think there's a way to do it automatically without upgrading our mediawiki or installing an extension. - Mewn 05:33, 21 July 2008 (CDT)

Use of wiki templates

Pre-made templates should always be used to save space and make writing articles easier. The following table compiles all templates that are currently in use at the PSUPedia and displays their effects to the right.

Aside from these templates, numerous larger templates have been created for use within articles for stat and information tables. A list of these can be found here.

New makeup for manual of style icons

You have the choice which is better yours or mine :) I won't edit anything big at the "front pages".

  • I think it looks good. I don't think you should worry too much about changing things like layout when it really doesn't affect the content, so cutting the charts into sections for space is probably fine. Remember to sign your comments too. --S-T-H 11:49, 22 November 2009 (UTC)
What you type What you get
{{Sword icon}}
{{Knuckles icon}}
{{Spear icon}}
{{Double saber icon}}
Double sabers
{{Axe icon}}
{{Twin saber icon}}
Twin sabers
{{Twin dagger icon}}
Twin daggers
{{Twin claw icon}}
Twin claws
{{Saber icon}}
{{Dagger icon}}
{{Claw icon}}
{{Whip icon}}
{{Slicer icon}}
{{Rifle icon}}
{{Shotgun icon}}
{{Longbow icon}}
{{Grenade icon}}
{{Laser cannon icon}}
Laser cannons
{{Twin handgun icon}}
Twin handguns
{{Handgun icon}}
{{Crossbow icon}}
{{Card icon}}
{{Machinegun icon}}
{{RCSM icon}}
{{Rod icon}}
{{Wand icon}}
{{TCSM icon}}
{{Line shield icon}}
Line shields
{{Head unit icon}}
Head units
{{Arm unit icon}}
Arm units
{{Body unit icon}}
Body units
{{Extra unit icon}}
Extra units
What you type What you get
{{Logo-G}} G.R.M.
{{Logo-Y}} Yohmei
{{Logo-K}} Kubara Product
{{PSU version}} Phantasy Star Universe
{{AOTI version}} Ambition of the Illuminus
{{AOTI SU version}}
{{Color-C}} C-grade items
{{Color-B}} B-grade items
{{Color-A}} A-grade items
{{Color-S}} S-grade items (10-12★)
{{Color-S2}} S-grade items (13-15★)
{{JP item}} Japan-only items
{{Unreleased item}} Unreleased items
{{Rotational item}} Seasonal or temporary items
{{1 star}} Star-C.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{2 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{3 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{4 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{5 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{6 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{7 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{8 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-Grey.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{9 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-Grey.gif
{{10 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gif
{{11 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gif
{{12 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gif
{{13 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S2.gif
{{14 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S2.gifStar-S2.gif
{{15 stars}} Star-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-C.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-B.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-A.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S.gifStar-S2.gifStar-S2.gifStar-S2.gif
What you type What you get
{{Crown}} Crown.gif
{{Sword}} Sword.gif
{{Shield}} Shield.gif
{{Boot}} Boot.gif
{{Staff}} Staff.gif
{{Neutral}} Neutral
{{Fire}} Fire
{{Ice}} Ice
{{Lightning}} Lightning
{{Ground}} Ground
{{Light}} Light
{{Dark}} Dark
C Rank
B Rank
A Rank
S Rank
{{Shirt icon}} Clothing top
{{Pants icon}} Clothing bottom
{{Shoes icon}} Shoes
{{Top set icon}} Top set
{{Bottom set icon}} Bottom set
{{Full set icon}} Full set
{{Arm icon}} Arm icon.gif
{{Torso icon}} Torso icon.gif
{{Leg icon}} Leg icon.gif
{{Full parts set icon}} Full parts set icon.gif
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