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The Protectors ι (guide)

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You and your party take center stage in The Protectors ι while Holupe Dence films your progress for a documentary he's creating. There are a total of five scenes to be shot followed by one of two potential boss battles. The boss you end up fighting is determined by certain actions taken in previous scenes. If anyone dies (Scape Dolls are not allowed) or otherwise fails to complete the objective of a scene, the mission will not immediately end. Instead, you will be transported to an extra scene for one last chance to successfully end the mission (with decreased rewards, of course).


Scene 1: Linear Line Recovery

The first scene is set up with the camera at a fixed side view. Simply progress through the train car from left to right, defeating the Rogue Mazzes and Rogue Wikkos as go. At the end of the car, a Dilla Griena awaits. Defeat it to end the scene. You will be given five seconds to collect any remaining drops in the area, then you will be warped to the next scene.

Scene 2: The Plant Trap

The object of the second scene is to collect four keys by solving different puzzles in the seabed plant. From the start, the path branches in two. There are three keys located in the right-hand path, and one key (along with the terminal they are used to unlock) in the left-hand path. At each divergence, there is a bridge with a shifting pink zone indicated on your map. Be careful not to touch the pink (if you do, the scene will end). Though it will be frustrating, all you can do is wait. Once the first pink area disappears, step into it and wait for the second and third areas to clear.

  1. Press the switch to activate the puzzle. This will make four buttons appear on the floor in each corner of the room. These must be pressed in a specific order to make the key appear. Step on them in the following order: northwest, southeast, northeast, southwest.
  2. The first room that branches from the long hallway with the shifting pink zones contains the second key. Activate the switch, and a set of fireball-shooting turrets will appear. Destroy these (it only requires one hit per turret), and a new set will appear. Repeat the process, destroying a total of three sets, then collect the key that appears.
  3. Return to the long hallway, but do not enter until the shifting pink zone has filled the entire hall and the sections begin to disappear from the left. Once the middle section is gone, go into the hallway and wait for the third section to disappear. Run through to the third puzzle and press the switch. The room will go black and four containers will appear in the corners of the room. One of these containers will be larger than the others. This is the one you must destroy to collect the third key. Once collected, a warp will appear which returns you to the beginning of the block. Make your way through the left-hand route to the fourth and final puzzle.
  4. When you activate the switch in the final room, a set of gates will section off the room, each with a set of two warps. Take the left warp in each section (a total of three times) and you will appear in front of the final key. Quickly collect it to end the countdown, then use the four keys to unlock the terminal to end the scene.

Scene 3: Danger Zone

The third scene has two objectives. Your main goal is to defeat specific enemies in a series of rooms and then reach the blue safety zone before a set of explosives detonates. The second goal is to collect four keys along the way. Without these keys, you will not be able to activate the final safety zone, therefore making it impossible to clear the scene.

  • When you enter each room, a message will flash across the screen warning you that a trap has been activated followed by numerous Soldas and Kanohnes appearing. The color of the warning text indicates which of the two enemies to defeat. If the text is green, defeat only the Soldas; if the text is blue, defeat only the Kanohnes.
  • If you accidentally defeat one of the wrong enemies, the amount of time left in the countdown will be reduced. Repeat the mistake and an even larger amount of time will be removed.
  • If you are unable to get to a safe zone before the allotted time expires, the bomb explosions will end the scene.
  • In the first three rooms, you need only defeat the designated enemies and get to the blue safety zone in the allotted time. For the fourth and fifth rooms, after defeating the designated enemies, you must press a switch in a separate room to activate the safety zone. Take into consideration the extra time required to make it to the switch. Also remember that in order to activate the safety zone in the fifth room, you must have collected four keys from the previous rooms.

Scene 4: Protect the Photon Reactor!

The objective of this scene is to collect a photon reactor and transport it to the end of the stage. Whichever player has the reactor cannot take any damage from enemies or traps. If they are injured, the reactor will return to its original location, all traps will reset and the remaining players will be able to try again.

Scene 5: RELICS Escape!

This scene scrolls automatically, forcing you to run toward the screen through a narrow hallway as you escape from the crumbling RELICS site.

  • Rubble will periodically block the path, but will crumble from subsequent explosions, clearing a path to run.
  • The laser fences in this area have gone haywire, and will periodically block the left and right path, changing every few moments. Don't attempt to change sides of the fence as you run towards them. They unlock quickly enough so that you should have enough time to make it through without getting caught by the automatic scroll.
  • Switches appear at two points on the left wall of the hallway, each after an explosion. These switches can only be activated by whoever protected the photon reactor in scene 4. If pressed, the warp at the end of the stage will transport you to a battle against Dark Falz's first form. Otherwise, you will battle De Ragnus.

Extra Scene: Prison Break

You will be transported to this scene if you fail any of the first three scenes.

  • If you fail scene 1 or 2...
    • Researching...
  • If you fail scene 3...
    • Researching...

Extra Scene: Countdown to Destruction

You will be transported to this scene if you fail either the fourth or fifth scene.

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