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The Upgrade Device

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This article pertains to an item, mission or other feature which is exclusive to the Japanese PC version of Phantasy Star Universe.

GUARDIANS Cash content
This article pertains to a mission which is available exclusively through the GUARDIANS Cash system.

The Upgrade Device
Clyez City
Start lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Start counter Supervisor's Office
End lobby Clyez City: 5th Floor
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Mission type Item upgrade mission

After extensive research, we have devised a new method for upgrading weapons and line shields. Be sure to check out this amazing process!
Client: Holupe Dence


Mission details

This mission allows players to pay GUARDIANS Cash to upgrade their weapons and line shields in various ways. Upgrades include:

  • Weapon grinding (up to +8) with no chance of failure.
  • Repairing broken grind limits (for example, 4/4 can be upgraded to 4/5).
  • Modifying the element of weapons and line shields.
  • Modifying the attribute percents of weapons and line shields (up to 40%).

Upgrade pricing

Weapon grinding

This method of weapon grinding allows you to use GUARDIANS Cash to upgrade your weapons with no chance of failure. The limit on upgrades through this method is +8, so any upgrades beyond that must be achieved through the normal grinding system. Please reference the following chart for the price per grind.

Weapon grind Req. GC
0 → 1 10 GC
1 → 2 20 GC
2 → 3 30 GC
3 → 4 50 GC
Weapon grind Req. GC
4 → 5 80 GC
5 → 6 120 GC
6 → 7 160 GC
7 → 8 250 GC

Weapon repairs

If you have broken a weapon during the grinding process, it can be repaired for another chance at a successful upgrade. In order to repair a broken weapon, it must be at its maximum possible grind level (2/2 or 5/5, for example). By then paying a certain amount of GUARDIANS Cash, one grind level will be returned to the weapon. Please reference the following chart for the prices per repair.

Grind limit repair Req. GC
0/0 → 0/1 10 GC
1/1 → 1/2 20 GC
2/2 → 2/3 30 GC
3/3 → 3/4 40 GC
4/4 → 4/5 50 GC
Grind limit repair Req. GC
5/5 → 5/6 100 GC
6/6 → 6/7 150 GC
7/7 → 7/8 200 GC
8/8 → 8/9 300 GC
9/9 → 9/10 600 GC

Attribute modifications

The elemental attribute of striking weapons, RCSMs and line shields can be modified with this system. An existing element can be changed to a different one, thus retaining the original attribute percent, or an item's element can be removed entirely, making it neutral. Even neutral items can be upgraded to add an element to them; this process gives the weapon or line shield a 10% attribute rate. The following chart details the price per modification.

Modification Attribute rate
after upgrade
Req. GC
Remove element 0% 100 GC
Change element No change 750 GC
Add element 10% 800 GC

Attribute percent modifications

This system can be used to increase the elemental attribute rate of striking weapons, RCSMs and line shields. Increases are done 1% at a time with a maximum attribute rate of 40% through this method. Increases are broken into tiers based on the item's current rate, so as you move into a new tier of rates, the GUARDIANS Cash required for each additional 1% increase to your elemental percent increases as well. Please reference the following chart for details on the price of each upgrade.

Attribute rate Rate of increase Req. GC
1-10% +1% 5 GC
10-20% 10 GC
20-30% 20 GC
30-40% 40 GC
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