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Thunderburst Duel

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Winter Mission Carnival This article pertains to a mission which was available only during the limited-time event Winter Mission Carnival.

Thunderburst Duel
G mission logo.png
Start lobby Clyez City
Start counter Special event lobby
End lobby Clyez City
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Mission type Event mission
Gambling Mode: A spot where the brave come to compete with entry tickets on the line. Gathering the most Zonspheres will take skill and luck!

Free Mode: A spot where all can participate in friendly competition without event tickets. Uses dummy spheres instead of Zonspheres.

Mission requirements and rewards

Mode Req. LV Party size Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points Meseta Points
Gambling mode 1 2-4 players -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Free mode 1 2-4 players -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Mission details

  • The basic idea of this mission is to collect as many Zonspheres as possible while surviving the traps laid out before you in a field of barriers and switches. Since you cannot attack your opponents directly with weapons or TECHNICs, you must use the traps placed in the field, such as flame barriers and mines.
  • This mission features two modes: gambling and free. Free mode is, just as it sounds, free to play. Instead of Zonspheres, this mode uses Dummy Spheres. Gambling mode, however, requires all participants to pay a total of 240 Event Tickets. This cost is split amongst the party members, meaning that each member of a full party of four players would only have to pay 60 tickets. Zonspheres obtained in this mode are kept by the player once the mission ends.
  • A permanent version called Explosive Arena was made available after the close of the event.

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