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Thunderfest Deals

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Thunderfest Deals
Start lobby Dagora City
Start counter GUARDIANS Branch
End lobby Dagora City
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Mission type Item exchange mission

Did you enjoy the Winter Mission Carnival? If you've got [Zonspheres] and [Zon-drops] to spare, drop by and make a deal!

Mission details

Exchange items

The following items can be obtained by exchanging the specified number of Zonspheres.

Exchange items Exchange rate
PA Fragment x1 Zonsphere x1
PSU Disc 29 Zonsphere x5
PSU Disc 64 Zonsphere x5
SC5 Disc Zonsphere x5
[B] Drill Knuckles Zonsphere x15
Gudda Plasma Zonsphere x20
Exchange items Exchange rate
Plasma Bow Zonsphere x20
Magical Wand/P Zonsphere x20
Electro Heart Zonsphere x20
Rabol UV Zonsphere x30
Sonichi (lightning) Zonsphere x40
Falclaw Zonsphere x99

Zon-drop conversion

Just like with Crystal Central, you can convert Zon-drops into Zonspheres or Zon-photons, however Zon-photons no longer can be converted into Zon-drops. Reference the following list for the new conversion rates.

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