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Universe Transporter

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A Universe Transporter.

A Universe Transporter is a commonplace utility beacon found in many places within Phantasy Star Universe, in Network Mode only.

It's appearance is essentially a floating orange octahedron that rotates.

It performs two useful functions for players of Network Mode, at no cost:

  • It allows players to instantly return to their My Room, which (as standard for player rooms) removes them from any party and mission they are currently in.
  • It allows players to view the population of other Universes, and (if there is enough room in the desired Universe) transport to another Universe. They reappear in exactly the same part of the lobby they are in next to the same Universe Transporter of the new Universe.

Universe Transporters are located in lobbies (there are plenty found scattered throughout all planetary cities) and Outposts (there is at least one in every outpost, usually more). They are sometimes seen alongside Photon Chargers, though they are usually seen on their own as there are more Universe Transporters than Photon Chargers.

There are of course no Universe Transporters found in Story Mode or Extra Mode, as these modes are not "online" and thus there are no Universes to transport between. However those modes instead have Save Markers that are used by the player to save their game.

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