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Unsafe Passage/R

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Unsafe Passage/R
Linear Line
Start lobby Clyez City: 3rd Floor
Start counter Resident Security Dept.
End lobby Clyez City: 3rd Floor
Version Ambition of the Illuminus
Field VR Linear Line
Mission type G. advanced mission
Party size 1-4 players
Enemy elements Dark

A training simulation of a SEED-Form attack and intense contamination of the GUARDIANS Colony Linear Line.

Mission requirements and rewards

Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
Advanced mission points
Second 20 35+ 15 12 9 5
Third 12 -- -- --
Mission restrictions
All players capped at LV20 Cannot use Monomates
Cannot use Dimates Cannot use Trimates
Cannot use Antimates Cannot use Sol Atomizers
Cannot use Star Atomizers Cannot equip extra units

Mission details

  • The secret action of this mission is cleared by completing the mission in 10 minutes or less.
  • Clearing the secret action will make four additional boxes appear at the end of the mission, for a total of 12 clear boxes.

Enemy information

Enemy name Enemy buffs Ele. LV AEXP
Pannon Dark 35 222
Pannon Sword.gif Dark 35 266
Pannon Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Dark 35 266
Pannon Sword.gif Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Dark 35 319
Galdeen Dark 35 296
Sendillan Dark 35 --
Delsaban Dark 35 370
Delsaban Sword.gif Dark 35 444
Delsaban Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Dark 35 444
Delp Slami Dark 35 444
Gaozoran Dark 35 925
Dilnazen Dark 35 1480
Dilnazen Sword.gif Dark 35 1776
Dilnazen Shield.gif Staff.gif Boot.gif Dark 35 1776
SEED-Venas Dark 40 --

Item drops

Enemy name Special drops Normal drops
Pannon Altim Crim
Pannon Jelly
Unknown Meat
[B] Palasra
Galdeen -- Izlucre
Sendillan Altim Crim
Unknown Meat
Delsaban -- Pallasch
Delp Slami -- [B] Suzakidanoh
Gaozoran Gaozoran Rod Slyrod
Dilnazen Dilnazen Arm Japanese version Ryo-Sagazashi
SEED-Venas GUARDIANS Tag Walker Line
Normal box Perori Mate
Mixed Juice
Kubara Wood
Linear Line
Clear box -- Elec Drive
Photon Booster
Area drops Photon Drop Xbox 360 version
Moola Shadestone Japanese version
2-9★ ores
Copernia, Olpad
[B] Wandrac
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