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I play on the Xbox 360 servers

Sorry if the names are wrong. I aint very good a remembering names.

Name Level Type Weapons
Bubbles 90 GT (20) Uransara (Rafoie LV 30, Resta LV 30)
Tesbra (Foie LV 30, Giresta LV 30)
Buccaneer (Spinning Strike LV 10)
Buccaneer (Rising Strike LV 10)
Phantom (Burning Shot LV 30)
Thunder Cannon (Plasma Prism LV 30)
Name Level Type Weapons
Princess 60 FT (15) Lidra (Foie LV 21, Resta LV 16)
Pegita (Diga LV 25, Reverser LV 14)
Beamgun (Dark Hit LV 21)
PM model (Bubbles) B-stat
GH 470 75
PM model (Princess) B-stat
GH 432 40
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