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Archangel: Rappies are so cute!



Welcome to my little page! Let's see, what is there to say about me that wouldn't be too freaky...

Not really. ^.-

My name is Archangel (you really think i'd give you my real one?!, Maggie/Mag is as far as you'll know :P) but you can call me Arch/Archy. I discovered PSU less than a year ago and quickly got addicted to the game. My online career as a Guardian is greatly affected by this dial up connection we're stucked with, at home. Sadly nothing else reaches it and satelite is a big no! So you are more than likely going to find me on low level misions, alone or trying with a NPC character ( <33 Leo / Miss uhoh ) in hopes of not too much lag.

I am a casino addict, each time we can get our silver coin, i rush there and lock myself up on a slot machine, in hopes of getting the jackpot again. (And this time i will not put it on the roulette like i did last 2 times... cant believe i lost over 50 silvers like that! i should have tried to silver coin slot machine....)

~AHEM!~ ok enough about this casino addiction..


Name Race Gender Level Type HU RA FO FI GT WT FF FG FT PT AF AT FM GM MF
Archangel Human 64 Wartecher 10 1 5 1 1 7 6 1 1 1
Shelinda Francfort Beast 10 Hunter 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Character Description

Archangel comes from the character i had on PSO. First on the Dreamcast, where i accidentally deleted the memory card holding her after reaching level 153 , then was recreated for the Gamecube version where she reached 130 (and stalled there). I rarely play it now, mostly addicted to PSU. (Graphic wise, i have trouble readjusting to PSO.. PSU spoiled me!)

Shelinda was created after i partially regreted remaking Archangel as a human (seeing the stats Fortefighter human gets compared to FF beasts). What do you know, Laia was right, Beasts are the best. So Shelinda was brought forth and slowly levels up. ( I also wanted a character that would get Leo's card quickly.... but that's just a detail... Laia's expression was not the only thing that rubbed off on me. :P )

Unecessary facts about me

  • I am french! (but not from France!)
  • I am a mother!
  • I love sushies
  • I play others games like Sonic adventure (Gamecube) , Tibia (PC)
  • I love travelling and currently planning a trip to Germany.
  • I sleep too much.... >_<

And last but not least:

  • I can't believe i actually created a character page here! o.o ~in awe~

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