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I am me, at least I think I am. I know I certainly am not somebody else. Unless I am and I do not know it. Of course what you are precisely is always difficult to tell as yourself for you can never clearly see the forest for the trees. Being as such, I will say I have been a longtime viewer of this wiki, and as of late, I was struck by the urge to expand upon it, and give unto this collection of information payment for the services I've extracted from it. Now, was the previous sentence an overly complicated mess of fragments and commas or what? The handle however is nothing profound, merely my first initial and last name: Carl Celizic.


My Current Plan of Attack

There really isn't rhyme or reason to how I'm attacking the blank pages that need work in this wiki. I run fraps constantly, and if I run into a weapon article that's blank, and I happen to own the piece of equipment in question, I will get that piece of equipment out and fire off some snap shots. Course nothing is safe from my fury. Well, I guess the well written articles are completely and totally safe. But everything else is open to game.

Incidentally, NEVER under any circumstance delude yourself into thinking you can do the entire synthesis shop listing for a planet in one sitting. I'm lucky I survived with my sanity intact. My brain began to melt out of my ears, my psyche was beginning to suffer from a nuclear meltdown but, I managed to finish off that moatoob entry.

My PSU Life

I appear under several guises in PSU. This is in fact my first phantasy star game ever. I like the way this MMO is rather hands on in combat though. Give me that over the stand toe to toe and exchange blows that you get in Final Fantasy XI any day. I've played a lot of MMOs but this baby to me is unique. Somebody else out there may have played an MMO like this, but to me, it's truly unique.

You will not find a table of characters from me however, nosiree. Then I'd have to regularly edit this post with updated class levels on all my chars and the tables would never be up to date and I'm just not up to that challenge. I will however give blurbs on them.


This is my beastly beast, a fortefighter with a snazzy outfit and equally as snazzy glasses. Golluck is one of those names I've made up and reused a few times. If you've seen a golluck in another MMO it was probably me. Same goes for if you've seen a Destion. He is, naturally, a fortefighter. I originally started him on twin daggers but I expand out his repetoire of weaponry with each block of cash I get. I went with the yellow nanoblast with him. At the time I was irritated with highly evasive insect swarms which have been since nerfed. But considering that I can't heal and I don't want the reduced duration of the invincibility morph, being very evasive pays off. I've used golluck to model a few melee weapons, including the Muktrand.

Things I've learned from playing Golluck:

  • There's more to life then twin daggers.
  • Dus Daggas is hella sexy.
  • Being a fortefighter beast is no excuse not to get a good handgun.
  • I can kick things inna face (Yes, that's a technical term) via level 21 Moubu Seiran-zan.
  • There aren't nearly enough snazzy pants out there.

Teller Vengo

I started with a melee, and decided a ranged character would be a good followup. Unfortunately, I haven't played him too much until recently. He's a fortegunner and I'm still getting him his various big guns of mass destruction. He's a blue cast with a helmet stuck to his head. You can find him modelling for a few guns on this wiki, including the Raihoc.

Things I've learned from playing Teller Vengo:

  • Once you put a helmet on your head, forever shall it dominate your life.
  • Trying to levelup a PM for armor is either expensive or mind numbing whichever way you look at it.
  • Shotguns are fun.
  • One gun is never enough.
  • Bullets make everything funner.
  • Shotgun levels up fast when you use it point blank versus the De Ragan.
  • Bathingsuits look stupid when you're wearing a helmet.


Odd story with this little gynoid. You see, I have a friend who likes to make robotic characters and likes to male female characters when he plays on an MMO. So, in order to lure him into this MMO, I created a female cast, gave her a pistol and sword since it struck me at the time as the most dramatic weapon setup, and I snapped off some screen shots and showed him. It worked, he came over to the dark side. Of course in doing so, I found myself so into the sword/gun gameplay that I kept this little cast and made her into a fighgunner. She is my only female character in all the various MMOs I've played. There's an image of her modelling for the Ryo-Palasra.

Things I've learned from playing Toanna:

  • What the word gynoid means.
  • You get more partner cards when you're a female.
  • Rising strike is fun.
  • One gun is good, two guns is better.
  • Machine gun is even better, if you can get that close.
  • Double saber is fun.
  • Spiral dance knocks things down on every damn section of its combo.
  • Get behind a jarba and spiral dance, and he's yours, presuming you don't run out of PP first.
  • Not even a crowbar will get that god-damned helmet off.

Victor Black

Oh my LORD what a horrible name. I don't know what I was thinking when I named that newman force. Nor do I know if I shall keep him or recreate him. I got a crazy idea for a human with level 10 force/hunter/ranger, thus giving me a swing character who I can change his type to suit the needs of my current team. Though, I may stick with this guy as a fortetecher. Only time will tell. There are currently no images of him in the PSUpedia however, and I won't snap a shot of him just for this article.

Things I learned from playing Victor Black:

  • Levelling up support techs will result in sheer abject ennui.
  • Between the disks and the staves techers are expensive.
  • Techers laugh a lot...
  • ...though I'd laugh too if I could hurl balls of fire that dealt that much damage.
  • I'll be damned if I can remember the names of all those techs.
  • You gotta really think ahead with this type of job.
  • Rushing in to heal the guy in critical health is a noble cause, but it does nothing if you get slaughtered on the way there.
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