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Chiyoko Ryokunai



My main character is Chiyoko though she was originally intended as an alt. She is a FemBeast Wartecher who specializes in daggers. Mainly Melee in battle with some Attack TECHs on the side, she will try to keep everyone in the party alive with Resta. Hope to see you sometime ingame; PS2/PC server.


  • My main, Chiyoko, was featured in a 2006 Christmas PSU dance video. 'Saigoyume PSU Xmas MV '06' [1]
  • Former member of the LE aka Loli Express. Spring to Fall 2007.
  • Current member of the VCC. Fall 2007 to present.
  • For Christmas 2007, Chiyoko was featured in another video, this time the VCC Movie.[2]
  • Banned from PSOW for flame baiting and flame wars.


Currently hunting the following:

Currently training the following:

Character Data

Common Palette
50% Light Gudda Hon
46% Fire Dagger of Serafi (3/10)
46% Ice Gudda Skela
36% Dark Yamata-Misaki (5/10)
24% Ice Deva-Zashi (5/6), Shato (7/7)
34% Fire Halp Serafi (5/7)), Card Regas (Ice)
Serdote (8/10), Ranpegi (5/10)
Character Race Gender Level Main Class Secondary Classes PM type Name
Chiyoko Ryokunai Beast Female 12X Wartecher AT, fF 424 E.S. Erika
Kimil Evangelist Newman Male 5X Acrotecher WT, AF 433 E.S. Crystalez
Endrea Aurora Cast Female 2X Guntecher AT, FG 445 E.S. Grain
Simion Asher Cast Male
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