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Aka "Ema," "Em," or "M"

A female newman who, like Karen Erra before she joined the Communion of Gurhal, doesn't use technics and only uses melee and ranged Photon Arts.

Character Race Residency LV ATP ATA Main Job Alts System
Ema Newman F Moatoob 126 1300ish 500ish Fortefighter FI FG PT Xbox 360
Character Race Residency LV ATP TP Main Job Alts System
Yusaku CAST F GUARDIANS Colony 42 xxx xxx Acrotecher none Xbox 360

She can usually be seen with R. Dorothy, her best friend and weilding her favorite weapon, the Ank Dedda. She is quite prudent against the popular belief that newmans make terrible fighters. Personally her best critical hit yet is 7799 with Anga Redda.

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