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Working on Episode 1 at the moment. Since I rather not remake the links when copying everything outside my sandbox, here are the links:




  • PP recovery for melee weapons is always 1 (?)
  • Agtaride, Defbaride, and Retaride are purchasable offline for 2000 Meseta each only from Bruce in the HIVE. They can't be purchased anywhere before this mission.
  • OK Traps carrying limit: 30 for normal, 15 for G
  • Striking weapon boards (lol vahra claw what's it doing there)
  • KO User:Amaury (the offline god)

Episode 2 Specific Stuff

I'll put em here for later use.


  • Replace the templates for weapon icons with "Episode 1" ones, since the link leads to online.
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