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Sub-article of User:Jwguy

Here are my current rare items. Remember! Tell me if you have something I might like. Who knows! I might take it off your hands!



Name Type Element In use with
Flowen's Greatsword Swords Lightning None
Flowen's Greatsword Swords Light None
Chainsawd Swords Ice None
Gudda Plasma Knuckles Lightning None
Hand Spear Spears Neutral None
Mukplasma Spears Lightning None
Ank Bico Axes Ice None
Ank Zagzac Axes Light None
Rappy Tippies Twin Daggers Light None
Deljabaner Sabers Light Reisau
DB's Sword Sabers Ice None
Sange Sabers Neutral Nyaoshi
Rappy Tip Daggers Light None
Rappy Tip Daggers Light None
Rappy Tip Daggers Light None
Falclaw Claws Neutral None
Neiclaw Claws Fire Nyaoshi
Plasma Claws Twin Claws Lightning Nyaoshi
Plasma Bow Bows Neutral None
Koltova Gun Grenade Launchers Neutral None
Song for Death Grenade Launchers Neutral Silhouette
Twin Ruby Bullet Twin Handguns Neutral None
Preta RCSM Neutral None
Sonichi RCSM Fire Nyaoshi
Sonichi RCSM Lightning Nyaoshi
Magical Wand/P Wands Neutral None
Pushan TCSM Neutral None
Chao Staff Rods Neutral Berry
Real Hand Gun Handguns Neutral Reisau

Armor / Units

Name Type Element In use with
DB Line Line Shield Neutral None
Rabol UV Line Shield Lightning None

Clothes / Parts

Name Type Color In use with
Rappy Suit Clothes/Male Yellow/White None


Name Type In use with
Knuckles Room Items Berry
Amy Room Items Berry
Nights Room Items Reisau
Treasure Chest Room Items Nyaoshi
Treasure Chest Room Items Reisau
BT Lovers Room Items Reisau
BT Box Room Items Reisau
WD Lovers Room Items Reisau
WD Lovers Room Items None
WD Box Room Items Reisau
Mimic Doll Room Items Silhouette
Genesis Room Items None
Mark III Room Items None
SegaSaturn Room Items Silhouette
Dreamcast Room Items Silhouette
Master System Room Items None
Jao Room Items Berry
Jao Room Items Berry
Xmas Box Room Items Berry
Christmas Tree Room Items Berry
Cursed Pumpkin Room Items Berry
Snowman Room Items Berry
Fireworks Room Items Berry
De Rol Le Part A Room Items Berry
De Rol Le Part F Room Items Berry
De Rol Le Part D Room Items Berry
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