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Malphas wielding his trademark Creasabra+


Name Malphas Affiliation GUARDIANS/Other
Gender Male Race Human
Age About 16-17 Height 177cm
Skin Color Medium Dark Weight 81.6 kg
Eye Color Brown Hair Color Dark Brown
JP Voice None EN Voice(Online) Rain
Primary Weapon Fire Creasabra+
Secondary Weapon Fire Ryo-Creasabra


Background(In PSU fan fiction)

Malphas joined the GUARDIANS at about age 15. He was trained by various other GUARDIANS, including Laia Martinez and a GUARDIAN named Lancelot, and has gone on many missions on and off duty. His origins and last name are unknown. All that is known of him before he joined the GUARDIANS is that he was found by a Newman swordmaster named Ken Tsurugi, fighting off native creatures on Moatoob with a custom saber at the age of 11. Ken Tsurugi trained him in the use of Swords, Sabers, and Spears in his dojo on Neudaiz until he was 15. That was when Ken Tsurugi was killed by an Onmagoug while he and Malphas were protecting a small Newman village near the Mizuraki Forest. It is speculated amongst those who know him that his family were Weapon-smiths and that they were killed when he was young, however, this is merely a speculation. He is very quiet and keeps to himself. So no one has ever asked him about it. He has gone on excavations but tends to come up empty most of the time, so he instead spends his time helping other GUARDIANS get stronger. He has been known to work as a mercenary from time to time and has done various under the table assignments for Rogues, the Communion of Gurhal, and the Alliance Military Force. After the GUARDIANS Colony fell, Malphas began using illegal weapons only. However, this trend broke when he was captured and nearly killed by the Illuminus. He barely managed to escape alive and lost most of his weapons except for his Hanzoc. Malphas escaped the Illuminus facility but then got lost in the Shikon Islands. He was saved from starvation by a former student of Ken Tsurugi, Ryuu Subayai. Ryuu was a middle aged retired sword master that once served the Communion of Gurhal. Malphas studied with Ryuu for a week. He mastered Saber combat and even beat Ryuu at a duel. As a reward, Ryuu Sabayai gave him his most prized possession, Ken Tsurugi's Sange. Malphas then set off and began working for the Communion of Gurhal more frequently after being recommended by Ryuu Sabayai. As a reward for a special SEED purification mission in which Malphas saved Rutso, he was given an upgraded version of his old Creasabra, his FireCreasabra+ which he now uses as his primary weapon.

Background(In real life)

Malphas' Acolyte
The seal of Malphas

I am a quiet guy. I am usually nice but piss me off and you will regret it. I live in the "great" state of California, USA and I grew up in the Ghetto. Although I grew up around gangsters and rappers I somehow ended up liking Rock and Metal. I am a guitarist and I wield a customized 7 String Flying V which I have named "Acolyte". I also go paintballing and my marker of choice is a Smart Parts SP-8. I love guns and I want to one day become a firearms manufacturer or a gunsmith. I just can't wait until I am 18 so I can purchase a firearm and go to a firing range for some good old target practice.

I usually play video games or work out on my free time. I enjoy playing games such as Halo 3, Phantasy Star Universe(duh), Army of Two, Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. I also practice Martial Arts and I'm an experienced swordsman.

Episode 1

Has begun playing Episode 1.

Episode 2

Malphas assisted Laia Martinez and the GUARDIANS in uncovering The Illuminus' plans.

Episode 3

Malphas helped Ethan, Maya, and Lumia convince Laia Martinez to become the president of the GUARDIANS after her foster father, President Obel Dallgun, died when the GUARDIANS Colony crashed on Parum's surface. Almost right after, he volunteered to become Lumia Waber's instructor and has been training her since. He also played a major role in bringing together the four races by assisting Alfort Tylor in saving the Vol brothers, defeating the COG's Alterazgohg, and assisting Fulyen Curtz in defeating Mother and restoring the AMF back to normal.


  • Malphasis the name for a demon who disguises himself as a crow in the book The Lesser Key of Solomon. However, I chose this name only because my favorite animal happens to be a crow.

Online Identity

Partner Card

Malphas (GUARDIAN/Part time Mercenary)
Gender Male Race Human
Type Fighgunner (13) Level 86
Card requirements
Send him your card
Card comment
Need some help? Pay me.



Weapon(s) Name Linked Effect Used in Element Percentage Grindage
Yohmei Fire Creasabra+ Spinning Strike Level 21 Skill Combat with most enemies 29% 3/10
Twin sabers
Yohmei Fire Ryo-Creasabra Assault Crush Level 21 Skill Combat with really tough enemies 36% 5/10
Twin handguns
Kubara Product Fire Arb Hadoc Twin Burn Level 11 Bullet Combat with all ranged enemies 12% 3/10
Kubara Product Neutral Sange Spinning Strike Level 21 Skill Some boss fights 0% 3/10

Line Shield

Line Shield/Slot Name Type Effect Used during
Line shields
G.R.M. Light Storm Line Line shield 136 Def, 240 Eva, 155 Ment, 15 Att Any combat
Arm units
G.R.M. Neutral Solid / Knight Arm unit +80 Att, +40 Acc Any combat
Body units
TENORA WORKS Neutral Freeze / Resist Body unit Stops freezing Any combat
Extra units
Yohmei Neutral Te / PP Generate Extra unit 2 PP is regenerated during each tick Any combat


Clothes Name Type Color Used during
2★ Clothing top ROAR ROARS Gojgoj Vest Jacket Red x Black Any combat
2★ Clothing bottom MIYA-B Kusatarika Pants Pants Dark Green x Yellow Any combat
7★ Shoes CUBIC DESIGN Braves Shoes Shoes Red x Black Any combat


Voice Malphas' voice (Unique)
Your dead meat!
That was badass!
I agree.
I apologize.
Thank you.
Lost from party Hold up
Found party Ok. I'm here.
Boost Stats Thanks
Status Effect Damnit!
Low HP Damnit!

Partner Machinery

Partner Card

Raven (PM)
Gender Female Race CAST
Type Hunter (1) Level +10
Model Number
GH 421
Card requirements
Only available to Malphas
Card comment
Please use this
card when I can be
of service.


Weapon Name Linked Effect Used during
Twin claws
Dark Yohmei Mijin-Misaki Renzan Seidan-ga Level 21 to 30 Skill Levels 1+
Neutral Yohmei Giza-Misaki Shousen Totsuzan-ga Level 11 to 20 Skill Levels 25+
Light Yohmei Starra
Resta Level 11 to 20 TECHNIC Levels 1+
Equipment Name Slot Effect Used during
Line shields
Neutral G.R.M.  ?line Line shield - Levels 1+
Extra units
- G.R.M. Tero / HP Restore Extra Unit Auto recovery LV2 Levels 1+



Voice Female CAST Voice ?
Not bad!
Oh yeah!
Outta sight!
Playin' dirty!
I got this one!
I'll get the leader!
Spread out and fight!
I'm attacking! Cover me!
Aw, these'll be no problem!
They're cute, but I can take 'em!
Lost Hey, [Player]! Where you at!
Found Hey, [Player]! Where you been?
Boost Stats This is good!
Lower Stats This is bad!
Burn Hot tamale coming through!
Freeze This s-sucks!
Shock What a shock!
Confuse I've lost control!
Poison Ugh... I've been contaminated!
Silence Mmf!
Paralysis Ack!
Low HP A little help here?

Contact Info

General Info

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