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PSU Info


  • Suki with three other chars that I can't remember the names (inactive)
  • Melancholy/Chu Chu/Karma/Ink (inactive)
  • Micronesia/Melan/Meme/Sumi-e (active)

PSU Active Characters

I reactivated my account mostly for Sarah's event. I found my PC version of the game and am getting used to the keyboard instead of a ps2 controller. My time is split between life, WoW and PSU, but I do still have so much fun when I play PSU. It is a great game.

Name Race Gender LV HU RA FO FI GT WT FF FG FT PT AF AT PM Type Name B St
Meme Newman Female 7x 0 3 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 15 GH 470 Xerces 4x
Melan Human Female 3x 5 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 GH 450 KarnerBlue 8
Micronesia Human Female 1x 3 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 GH 444 Cycad Blue 3
Sumi-e Beast Male 1x -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 GH 430 Anise 0

Meme's TECHNIC Experience Chart

Foie █████████████████████████████████ 30
Zonde ███████████████████████ 25
Barta ████████████████████ 21
Gidiga ████████████████████████ 26
Ramegid █████████████████████████████████ 30
Resta ██████████████████ 19
Reverser ███████████████████ 20
Retier ████████ 7
Shifta ████████ 7
Deband ████████ 7
Zodial ████████ 7

Meme's Weapon Chart

Type Name Grinds Linked Element Percentage
Pegi 0/10 Deband lv7, Zodial lv7 none
Shato 0/10 Ramegid lv30, Reverser lv20 none
Dori 0/10 Gidiga lv26, Reverser lv20 none
Majimra 0/10 Zonde lv25, Resta lv19 none
Majimra 0/10 Barta lv21, Resta lv19, Foie lvl30 none
Crimsic 0/10 Rising Strike lv20 Dark 24%
Al Tip 0/10 Buten Shuren-Zan lv20 Ground 13%
Magical Wand 0/10 Shifta lv7, Retier lv7 none
Bisotore 0/10 Frozen Hit lv19 none
Twin handguns
Ryo-Bisotore 0/10 Twin Dark, Twin Burn lv20 none

Melan's Weapon Chart

Note: Koltova gun! I never had a protranser so this character is already a lot of fun!

Type Name Grinds Linked Element Percentage
Gigasaud 0/10 Tornado Break lv23 Dark 28%
Parzanata 0/10 Dus Robado lv7 Dark 28%
Harisen Battle Fan 0/10 Rising Strike lv20 Ice 34%
Lumars 0/10 Jisei-sou lv17 none
Higredanoh 0/10 Barada Yoga lv13 none
Koltova Gun 0/10 Boma Megiga lv3 none

Official PSU Forum

Forum user name:

  • Melan. (I had another one too.) I have posted mostly in the fiction section. I have written under the topic "...from here to Neudaiz with Meme." Meme is a great character. She's completely accepting of people, not judgmental, opened and not afraid, and so very carefree and lighthearted. I do wish, all the time, that I was like her... blah,blah,blah. Oh wai, maybe I am a little like her. Meme's stories are completed with the last story, which appeared, 08/08/08, "By the West Kugu Desert Oasis." It was so much fun rewriting stories that I cherish and love so much to fit into the PSU world. I do hope you enjoyed reading them.

PSU/PSO Friend

  • Kanashami
  • Monolithe

PSO Info

also played the game cube online version


  • Rial (inactive)
  • Nyghtsong (inactive)
  • Atalanta (inactive)
  • DesertRose (inactive)
  • Blue Skies (inactive)

Teams: (in order that I joined them) Yoo-hoo, Benevol (misspelled), Enforcers, Divine Angels, Rappylious, Event Omega, Swift Knights, Forever, Horus

I joined a good many teams just to get to know people. Needless to say, the Phantasy Star series of games has some of the nicest people in the world playing it.

Real Life

  • Artist, not really a writer. I enjoy mostly sumi, and than pen and ink.
  • Book reader: (meaning, I read books) Loads and loads of um. Favorite authors: Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Wordsworth, JK Rowling, Joseph Campbell, and so many more. I mostly love any fiction book that is based in mythology and/or the hero's journey and of course, Zen or Taoism short stories.
  • Movies: comedy, Disney, and/or something with emotional impact
  • TV: Cartoons, Dr. Who, Scrubs, House
  • Music: all music except Rap
  • Languages: highschool: French and German

(a thank you directed to Essen for pointing out the "pedia" source tab and providing a "go-by" for the user page, and a special thank you to all the people here that have created a website that is simply "worthwhile.")

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