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About me

  • Age: 21
  • Gender: M
  • Location: NJ
  • Yeah. I'm an Avid PSU Player, I may not be high-leveled, but I know a lot about the game.
A Picture of me before slamming an alcohol-rich drink.

My PSU Characters

I play the 360 version of PSU, and I have extensive knowledge of PSO(BB).


Ralku in his room, being the smug person he is.



  • Primary Type: Gunmaster (Rifles, Laser Cannons)
  • Secondary Types: N/A
  • Level: 10x
  • Type: CAST

SUV: Paradi Cataract.


Me on PSUpedia

My best contribution was the TECHNICs section that I added to the Differences page. It has been my biggest contribution so far, and I plan to add to the skills, describing what each combo looks like.

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