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PSU Game Server PS2/PC
Universe Hangout RIP


PSU Game Server PS2/PC
Universe Hangout RIP

I have too many names. There's a chance you have known me by any of the following as well:

On IRC and the official BB/PSU boards: Reiska
On PSO Dreamcast: Sariel, level 100 HUnewearl
On PSO GameCube: Melia, level 137 RAmarl
On PSO Blue Burst: Hikaru, level 138 HUnewearl
One-time leader of the team Sisters of PSO and member of Dreamstation
On PSO-World: Johan
On Final Fantasy XI: Eilaris, Carbuncle server (long since quit)
On City of Heroes: Nagare Yuki, Erika Shimomura, Skye Cerulia, Marina Reiya, Nalya Kilnore, Maiden Phoenix, and many others (Virtue server)
On World of Warcraft: Cernille Emiliane (70 Warrior, Alliance, Azjol-Nerub Nagrand ["US" but really Oceanic]); Cernille (mid-70s Hunter, Alliance, Nagrand US/Oceanic); Cernille (62 Hunter, Horde, Icecrown Thorium Brotherhood US); Firyal (mid-70s Death Knight, Horde, Thorium Brotherhood US) (long since quit all of these)
On Phantasy Star Portable 2 US: Nalya (Beast female)
dreamcast This user has been killing boomas since the dreamcast. PSO
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