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Here is a possible implementation of a chart that can track the progress of the conversion of various Enemy spawn charts to their respective pages in a smaller and more simplified manner. The first chart details a guide for what state a particular mission's enemy spawn charts are in (brilliantly done in item rarity style). The others are lists of all the missions that contain multiple kinds of spawns.

For the first example version of these tables, all missions are marked as nonexistent. As the charts are updated, the status can be quickly changed by merely upping the 'rank' of the chart in question. This will allow for the immediate transfer of all current work while still retaining an idea of what condition each chart is in.

Color Legend
{{Color-C}} for nonexistent charts.
{{Color-B}} for just started charts.
{{Color-A}} for half done charts.
{{Color-S}} for almost complete charts.
{{Color-S2}} for standardized charts.
Unsafe Passage
Fight for Food
Dark Satellite
SEED Awakened
True Darkness
The Black Nest
The Dark God
Mad Creatures
Plains Overlord
Sleeping Warriors
Train Rescue
The Mad Beasts
Lab Recovery
Endrum Remnants
The Dual Sentinel
Crimson Beast
Duel in the Ruins
Scarred Planet
Lightning Beasts
SEED Express
AMF HQ Recovery
Military Subway
Electronic Brain
Mizuraki Defense
Forested Islands
Demons Above
Rainbow Beast
Grove of Fanatics
The Holy Ground
Moonlight Beast
The Eastern Peril
Forest Infiltration
Cost of Research
Sakura Blast
Flowery Pursuit
Sacred Stream
White Beast
Hill of Spores
Dancing Birds
Valley of Carnage
Mine Defense
System Defense
Desert Terror
Rogues' Shortcut
Tunnel Recapture
Caves of Ice
Awoken Serpent
Desert Goliath
Stolen Weapon
Lonely Laboratory
(Remaining Blades)
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