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I was introduced to the Phantasy Star series on the Dreamcast with Phantasy Star Online version 1. I have also played the PSO:BB open beta.

WIP Sandboxes: 1, 2, 3, and 4.


  • Prepare your PM Food in advance. Synthesizing food while feeding wastes time and makes your feeding schedule shift more than necessary. This is even more important when using new character items as PM food.
  • If you see 2 or more of your party members attacking thin air, that usually means that the enemy is there in your party members' copy of the battlefield. Because of PSU's networking code, you probably can just walk over there and have the enemy warp to that location.
  • Skip messages - You're full of items/on that item, so your turn for items was skipped D:

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  • US/EU Patch Version: 1.0012.10
  • JP Patch Version: 1.0012.11
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