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Primary Character: Shizuka
Favorite Games: PSU, Okami, etc...
PSU Game Server PS2/PC US/EU
Universe Hangout Universe 15

In a Nutshell

Hi. I'm Shinzakura, also usually going by Mitsukai or Hey You! ^_^ Long time wiki editor, but now just moving into the specialtypedias, so I'm hoping to do a lot of stuff here while I can. Been a fan of PS since the very beginning, but became rabidly so during the PSO era, as it allowed me to have fun with an MMO that fit into my busy schedule.

I can usually be found on Universe 15, usually playing Shizuka.

In Slightly Greater Detail...

  • Because I'm lazy, I'm just going to point to my old Wikipedia page here for most of the basic stuff.
  • In addition, I'm also working to break into the manga business. You can see my in-progress mess at Megami Studios, or at my personal site.
  • Lastly, I'm the Director of Programming for AnimeUSA, a Washington DC-area anime convention, so I'm usually on sabbatical from the game from around mid-October to late-November.

PSU Character Information

Name Race Gender Level Type HU RA FO FI GT WT FF FG FT PT AF AT FM GM MF
Shizuka Human 34 Fighgunner 5 3 - - - 1 -
Da Funk Phenomenon Human 11 Ranger - 1 - - - - -

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