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Character Name: Falynn
Favorite Games: Grandia, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Final Fantasy 4 6 9 12, Soul Calibur, World of Warcraft, etc...
PSU Game Server PS2/PC
Universe Hangout Universe 1, 7, 17.

Phantasy Star Online / Universe

Hey everyone,

My name is Falynn, and I'm a PSO Addict.

I've been playing PSO since 2000 on Dreamcast, there I reached level 100 on my Hunewearl Falynn, then 200 when version 2 arrived. When PSO hit GC I also acheived level 200 there with my Hunewearl named Falynn. (Noticing a trend here?) I played PSO Episode 3 online, with my infamous Ino'lis deck, and I also played Blue Burst. Now I'm playing PSU with friends, exploring a new universe. I'm an active player and I enjoy supporting and helping others by contributing to the wiki. If you would like to chat anytime, find me on the IRC channel or ingame, and have a great day =)

Real World---

  • I am a medical student and currently work as a nurse, I would like to be a pediatrician some day.
  • I love Anime, Video Games, Hanging out, Sports, and my computer!
  • I am a mechanic, work well with computers, I am also a people person, I love working with people and meeting new people.

PSU Character Information

Name Race Gender Level Type HU RA FO FI GT WT FF FG FT PT AF AT FM GM MF
Falynn Newman 60 ForteFighter 10 5 10 - - 3 -

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