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His job is to add where needed, learn new things, teach others, and discuss many things (for here it pertains to PSU and related articles). I do what I can even if it's only a little. Only plays offline and therefore knows only about offline content.

Speaking of new things, I guess I have a sandbox

Other stuff. I play the PS:Portable version, both offline and soon online so ask me anything about that and I'll respond in english =)

Main Character (PSU): DPz

DPz with an Ulteri

Dawg Pilez

Race: CASTs

Gender: Male

Level: 114 (offline)

Class Specialty: Ranger

Desired Online Job: Protranser

Affiliation: GUARDIANS / Alliance Military Force

Position: AMF Photon Developement and Research Branch Supervisor

Favorite Weapon designer: Yohmei Corp

Favorite Weapons: Knuckles, Spears, Longbows, TCSMs, and Laser Cannons

Despised Weapons: Whips

Favorite Planet: Parum

Favorite NPC: Speal

Favorite PSU Partner(s): Leogini Santosa Berafort, Lucaim Nav, and Lou

Alternate Partners: Jeal DuWryght, Dr. Naomai Blight, Curst Metal

Most Challenging Enemy: Gaozoran

Enemy Affiliation: SEED/Rogues/ GUARDIANS Research Group

Enemy NPC: Alfort Tylor/ Dr. Kanal Tomrain

Job Levels

Class Level Pallete Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hunter 10 Knuckles Spears Handguns/Sabers Rods Rods --
Ranger 16 Spears Handguns/Sabers Longbows Laser Cannons Rods Rods
Force 10 Spears Handguns/Sabers Bows Rods Rod --

Strongest Weapons per Preferred Type

Type Weapon Stage Rank
Knuckles N/A 0/10 S
Spears(Hu) N/A 0/10 A
Spears (Ra/Fo) Mukarad 10/10 B
Longbows (Ra) Ulteri 10/10 S
Longbows (Fo) Hikauri 10/10 B
Laser Cannons Love Inferno 0/10 S
Rods (Hu/Ra) Slyrod 0/10 B

Partner Machinery

GH 430 > Nyte

Stat Total
Striking 17
Ranged 35
Technic 15
Armor 9
Battle Stat 5

Nothing will get in DPz's way and I will make sure of it!


(working biography)

Neo Cast Research

Dirty Hands: Scientific Sacrifice


Making a Dawg out of Piles of scrap

AMF: Anti-Magic Force

Joint forces with GUARDIANS

Summary: DPz: Spirit Iron

Main Character PS:Portable Dawg Pilez

DPz and his Laser

Race: CASTs

Gender: Male

Level: 100

Guild: (guildless)

Story Mode: Complete

Weapons Type A Rank Grind PP/Atk% Element/% S Rank Grind PP/Atk% Element/%
Swords Caliburn 0 Fire 25% Kan Yu 0 Light 45%
Knuckles Gudda Gant (10) 270/542 Dark 49% Rocket Punch 0 Fire 19%
Spears Muktrand (10) 279/962 Ground 49% Berdysh (10) 548/1213 Neutral
Double sabers Nightwalker 0 Ice 29% Double Agito 0 Fire 38%
Axes Ank Bico 0 Light 25% Ank Deddac 0 Lightning 5%
Twin sabers Ryo-Juriba 0 Fire 9% - 0 -
Twin daggers Lumiess Blau 0 Dark 49% Togeha-zashi 0 Lightning 5%
Twin claws Arza Garbot (10) 299/677 Lightning 39% - 0 -
Sabers Seva Bolega 0 Light 40% Crimson 0 Fire 20%
Daggers Blumier (10) 421/529 Ice 47% Deva-zashic 0 Dark 46%
Claws Zaks Gabot 0 Neutral Zanshu-Misaki 0 Dark 43%
Whips Bloody Shower 0 Fire 50% Vish Adan 0 Dark 44%
Slicers Kubiri-hiken 0 Dark 5% - 0 -
Weapons Type A Rank Grind PP/Atk S Rank Grind PP/Atk
Rifles Phantom 0 Rattlesnake 0
Shotguns Shigga Bines 0 Shigga Desta 0
Longbows Ulteri 0 Hirokteric 0
Grenades Azul Fire 0 Robopitch Grenade 0
Laser cannons Thunder Cannon (10) 1847/847 Ryusaikanoc 0
Twin handguns Deathmaker (10) 966/305 Guld & Milla 0
Handguns Ruby Bullet (10) 823/390 - 0
Crossbows - 0 Cubo Musrana 0
Cards Card Regas (10) 537/343 Shi-kikami 0
Machineguns Drumline 0 Bulletdance 0
RCSMs Shag Hejiz 0 Dreamcast 0
Weapons Type A Rank Grind PP/TP S Rank Grind PP/TP
Rods Howrod 0 Gaozoran Rod 0
Wands Majimra 0 Motav Prophecy 0
TCSMs Shato 0 - 0

Best finish time for Forbidden Zone: Level X: 0:17 secs

Enemy Most killed: Ageeta (820)

Favored Classes: Protranser, MasterForce, and Acromaster

Unfavored Class: Fighmaster

Favored Wpn: Melee: Knuckles Ranged: Longbows Technic: Rods

Number of (30) skills: 7

Number of (30) bullets: 9

Number of (30) Technic: 15

Best Resta Heal:rod:1033 / wand: 700


Title Conditions Reward Achieved
De Ragan Slayer Defeat De Ragan five times. Burn / Resist Yes
Zoal Goug Slayer Defeat Zoal Goug five times. Cati / Rainbow Yes
Bil De Golus Slayer Defeat Bil De Golus five times. Cati / Anti Down Yes
De Ragnus Slayer Defeat De Ragnus five times. Solid / Anti Up Yes
Alteraz Slayer Defeat Alterazgohg five times. Confuse / Resist No
Onmagoug Slayer Defeat Onmagoug five times. Silence / Resist Yes
Dimmagolus Slayer Defeat Dimmagolus five times. Shock / Resist Yes
De Rol Le Slayer Defeat De Rol Le five times. Freeze / Resist Yes
Adahna Slayer Defeat Adahna Degahna five times. Sleep / Resist Yes
Maggahna Slayer Defeat Magas Maggahna five times. Stun / Resist Yes
Fakis (1st) Slayer Defeat Dulk Fakis' first form five times. Poison / Resist Yes
Fakis (2nd) Slayer Defeat Dulk Fakis' second form five times. Virus / Resist Yes
Super Rookie Defeat 100 monsters. (Laser Pannon) Yes
Super Ace Defeat 500 monsters. (Din De Bell) Yes
Super Elite Defeat 1000 monsters. (Sacred Duster) Yes
Super Hero Defeat 10000 monsters. (Bringer's Rifle) Yes
Monster Professor Defeat all monsters. (Magana Slayer) No
Tease of the Battlefield Complete three free missions. (Amore Rose) Yes
Up-and-Comer Complete 10 free missions. (Samba Maracas) Yes
Noticed as #1 Complete 25 free missions. Ank Bico Yes
Next Presidential Candidate Complete 50 free missions. Dallgunrod Yes
GUARDIANS' Ultimate Weapon Complete 100 free missions. Robopitch Grenade Yes
Rookie Guardian Reach LV1. Goggles Yes
Young Guardian Reach LV10. Grinder x10 Yes
Hot-blooded Guardian Reach LV20. Grinder x10 Yes
Mainstay Guardian Reach LV30. Grinder x10 Yes
Commanding Guardian Reach LV40. Grinder x10 Yes
Resourceful Guardian Reach LV50. Aura Field Yes
First-class Guardian Reach LV60. Grinder x10 Yes
Guardian Instructor Reach LV70. Grinder x10 Yes
Big-shot Guardian Reach LV80. Grinder x10 Yes
Heroic Guardian Reach LV90. Grinder x10 Yes
The Strongest Guardian Reach Lv100. Whitill Wing Yes
Skill Master Get 10 Skills to Lv30. Gravity Break No
Bullet Master Get 10 Bullets to Lv30. Mayalee Fury Yes
TECHNIC Master Get 10 TECHNICs to Lv30. Megistar Yes
Angry Warrior Reach Hunter LV5. Gravity Strike Yes
Whirling Decapitator Reach Hunter LV10. Tornado Dance Yes
Quiet Hunter Reach Ranger LV5. Penetrating Hit Yes
Superior Sniper Reach Ranger LV10. Boma Maga Yes
Shining Virtues Reach Force LV5. Regrant Yes
Galactic Spokesman Reach Force LV10. Giresta Yes
Divine Warrior Reach Fighmaster LV5. Dus Majarra Yes
Superhuman Destroyer Reach Fighmaster LV10. Anga Jabroga No
Splendid Super Gunner Reach Gunmaster LV5. Twin Penetration No
Supreme Assassin Reach Gunmaster LV10. Killer Shot No
Earthquake Wizard Reach Masterforce LV5. Dizas Yes
Defender of Light Reach Masterforce LV10. Rentis Yes
Hurricane Warrior Reach Acromaster LV5. Chikki Kyoren-jin Yes
Swift Killer Reach Acromaster LV10. Chuei Jitotsushin Yes
Stealthy Schemer Reach Protranser LV5. Mayalee Prism Yes
Explosive Conductor Reach Protranser LV10. Ikk Hikk Yes
Mobile Police Force Member Clear Chapter 1. Resta Yes
Synthesis Research Division Member Clear Chapter 2. Cross Hurricane Yes
SEED Research Division Member Clear Chapter 3. Spiral Dance Yes
Equipment Development Division Member Clear Chapter 4. Masei-sou Yes
Pirate of the Rogues Clear Chapter 5. Bukuu Saien-zan Yes
Communion Guard Clear Chapter 6. Reverser Yes
AMF Commando Clear Chapter 7. Mayalee Hit Yes
Traveler of Eternity Clear Chapter 8. Absolute Dance Yes
I Would Die for the Maiden Get incapacitated 100 times (Okikudohg) No
Crusher Inflict 300+ damage. (Final Impact) Yes
Berserker Inflict 600+ damage. (Lollipop) Yes
Maximum Attacker Inflict 1800+ damage. (Berdysh) Yes
Meseta Fever Collect 1000000 Meseta. Meseta Fury Yes
Sword Collector Collect 80% of the swords De Ragan Slayer No
Knuckles Collector Collect 80% of the knuckles Gudda Igga No
Spear Collector Collect 80% of the spears Mugunburga No
Double Saber Collector Collect 80% of the double sabers Ragan-Ragan No
Axe Collector Collect 80% of the axes Ank Buti No
Twin Saber Collector Collect 80% of the twin sabers Tyrant Spada No
Twin Dagger Collector Collect 80% of the twin daggers Tamagiri-zashi No
Twin Claw Collector Collect 80% of the twin claws Shide-Misaki No
Saber Collector Collect 80% of the sabers Apocalypse No
Dagger Collector Collect 80% of the daggers Deraga-zashi No
Claw Collector Collect 80% of the claws Ohga-Misaki No
Whip Collector Collect 80% of the whips Vish Diraga No
Slicer Collector Collect 80% of the slicers Asura-hiken No
Rifle Collector Collect 80% of the rifles Killer Elite No
Shotgun Collector Collect 80% of the shotguns Shigga Pakuda No
Longbow Collector Collect 80% of the longbows Nasuyoteri No
Grenade Collector Collect 80% of the grenades Gur Hanab No
Laser Collector Collect 80% of the laser cannons Love Inferno No
Twin Hand Collector Collect 80% of the twin handguns Battlestopper No
Handgun Collector Collect 80% of the handguns De Ragun No
Crossbow Collector Collect 80% of the crossbows Cubo Simba No
Card Collector Collect 80% of the cards Kaza-kikami No
Machinegun Collector Collect 80% of the machineguns Deathrain No
RCSM Collector Collect 80% of the RCSMs Elsral No
Rod Collector Collect 80% of the rods Okarod No
Wand Collector Collect 80% of the wands Bajura No
TCSM Collector Collect 80% of the TCSMs Delpi No
Cooking Fighter Obtain any well-done weapon. (Juicy Line) No
Colony Tourist Clear all GUARDIANS Colony free missions. Tero / All Save No
Parum Tourist Clear all Parum free missions. Solid / Bullet Save Yes
Neudaiz Tourist Clear all Neudaiz free missions. Cati / TECH Save No
Moatoob Tourist Clear all Moatoob free missions. Solid / TECH Save No
Not the Only Hero Play a co-op game in multi-mode. Rappy Suit Yes
Title Collector Collect 30 titles. (Opa Opa) Yes
PS Perfect Collect all titles. (Hyakka Ryo-ran) No

Titles Missing: 39

DPz using Dus Robado with the Berdysh

Job Levels

Class Level Pallete Slot 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hunter 10 Knuckles Spears Handguns/Sabers Rods Rods Twin Handguns
Ranger 10 Knuckles Spears Handguns/Sabers Longbows Laser Cannons TCMS/Wands
Force 10 Knuckles Spears Handguns/Daggers TCMS/Wands Rods Rods
Fighmaster 5 Knuckles Handguns/Daggers Spears Twin Claws Double Sabers Swords
Gunmaster 3 Rifles Shotgun Crossbow/Saber -- -- --
Master Force 10 Twin Daggers Rods Hanguns/Wands Rods Rods TCMS/Wands
Acromaster 10 Knuckles Twin Daggers Cards/Daggers Pistol/Claws Twin Claws Machineguns/Wands
Protranser 10 Knuckles Spears Longbows Longbows Laser Cannons Rods

Partner Machine: Felix

Model: GH480

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